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The Middle Earth Story written by Indiana Resources Limited

Let's uncover Gawler Craton during Coffee with Samso Episode 97 with Bronwyn Barnes, Executive Chair of Indiana Resources Limited (ASX: IDA)

Bronwyn is back to share with us the happenings of the Gawler Craton and the Tanzanian litigation. The Indiana story is intriguing for me as this is one of several companies in the area that is exploring a severely under-explored region of Australia.

The Gawler Craton is no stranger to producing giant deposits. In fact, it is host to the biggest uranium and copper mine. The Olympic Dam story itself is well talked about. However, no matter how significant the discovery of the Challenger Gold mine is to mature mineral exploration punters, it is a total non event for current investors in the sector.

Mineral exploration in the "Shear-hosted" world of the Gawler Craton is relatively unknown to the general public. I have done two Samso insights on this topic to highlight why investors should look at this area of Australia as the next Commodity Rush.

You can see the two Samso Insights by clicking the links below:

Bronwyn shares with us on the following:

  1. What has happened since the first Coffee with Samso in May 2001- (Indiana Resources Limited (ASX:IDA) is all about the Gawler Craton.

  2. The results of the latest exploration drilling at Minos and why this is slowly showing the start of an exciting region for discovery.

  3. How the Tanzanian litigation is progressing.

  4. Why Bronwyn feels that the Gawler project is the focus for the company.

  5. The upcoming resource statement from further drilling.

Indiana Resources is one of the fortunate companies that has a great project and is literally filling in their own blank canvas.


00:00 Introduction

00:52 Bronwyn updates on Indiana Resources.

05:52 The Feeling of Working in an Under-Explored Mineralised Province.

08:09 Bronwyn´s thoughts on land access and how easy it is to work in the Gawler Craton.

10:28 The Tanzania Project.

14:41 What happens if Tanzania does not respond?

16:53 Why Tanzania has teeth and is not a talking feast.

19:01 What the market is saying about the Tanzania Claim.

21:54 Tanzania is a Free Option for Free Capital.

24:22 Indiana is at Cheap Entry Time.

26:37 The process forward for Indiana in The Gawler Craton.

27:55 Conclusion


About Bronwyn Barnes

Executive Chairman

Bronwyn has had an extensive career in the resources sector, having worked with companies ranging from Western Mining Corporation and BHP to emerging juniors in directorship, executive leadership, and operational roles in Australia and internationally.

Bronwyn’s current ASX directorships include Executive Chairman of Indiana Resources Ltd, Non-Executive Chairman of Aerison Group Limited, and a Non-Executive Director of Scorpion Minerals Ltd. Reflecting her continuing interest in sectors outside mining Bronwyn is a Non-Executive Director of Synergy and The WA Turf Club. Bronwyn is also a Member of the South Australian Government’s Minerals and Advisory Council.

About Indiana Resources Limited

Indiana Resources Limited (ASX:IDA) is an Australian-based gold exploration company focused on advancing its portfolio of exploration tenements in the highly prospective Central Gawler Craton Gold Province in South Australia.

Indiana’s ground position in the Gawler Craton covers 5,090 km² – with the Company’s tenements strategically located between the historic gold mining centres of Tunkillia and Tarcoola.

The Central Gawler Craton has outstanding potential for the discovery of significant gold deposits, as indicated by the Tunkillia deposit (588,000 ounce gold resource), which adjoins the southern edge of Indiana’s portfolio and the historical mining centre of Tarcoola, which adjoins the northern edge of Indiana’s portfolio, where historic production and current resource total approximately 190,000 ounces.

Indiana is also the major shareholder of Ntaka Nickel Holdings Ltd and Nachingwea UK Ltd (both incorporated in the United Kingdom) which historically held the licences for the Ntaka Hill Nickel Project through its 100% owned subsidiary Nachingwea Nickel Ltd. The Ntaka Hill Nickel Project is an advanced nickel sulphide project that is development ready. In early 2020, the Companies advised the Tanzanian Government that a dispute had arisen in relation to the cancellation of the Retention Licence for Ntaka Hill. Indiana is the manager of the Joint Venture for the Project and is leading activities to progress a Claim to Arbitration against the Government of Tanzania for the illegal expropriation and loss of the Ntaka Hill Nickel Project.



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VMS (Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide) Deposits Explained

In simple terms, Volcanic-associated Massive Sulphide (VMS) deposits are caused by underground metal-rich volcanoes rising and creating a cooking environment.

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