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Samso helps companies pique investor interest

Samso tells compelling stories by engaging business leaders to reveal insights beneficial to you.

Engaging Samso

About Samso

Samso is a renowned resource to learn about insights into the companies and business trends that matter. 

We have a track record of developing successful business concepts in the Australasia region, and provide bespoke research and counsel to businesses seeking to raise capital and procuring projects for ASX listings.

About Noel Ong, CEO, Samso.


Industry veteran Noel Ong is a geologist with over 30 years of industry experience and a strong background in capital markets, corporate finance and the mineral resource sector. 


Based in Perth, Western Australia, he was the founder and managing director of ASX publicly-listed company Siburan Resources Limited from 2009-2017 and has also been involved in several other ASX listings, providing advice, procuring projects and helping to raise capital.  Noel is currently the founder adn executive director of Taiton Resources Limited (ASX: T88).


He brings all this experience and expertise to the Samso interviews such as Coffee with Samso and Samso Insights, where his engaging conversation style with business figures gives revealing insights into Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) companies, related concepts and industry trends that can pique investor interest.


Noel Ong travels across Australia to record the interviews, only requiring a casual environment where they can be set up.

Enquiries about appearing on Coffee with Samso and Samso Insights can be made by contacting Noel Ong at


The deliverables


Samso brings to Clients a number of Content Channels that are all about telling compelling ASX stories.


Clients' dialogues are delivered through these Samso channels.

  • Coffee with Samso, our core product, is a compelling format of relaxed online video dialogue to allow thought leaders to share their company’s story and have an in-depth discussion on the company and their strategies.

  • Samso Insights provide a clear and concise analysis on the commodities landscape and subsequent market movements and trends that can impact ASX-listed companies.


Content Distribution.

Collaborative partnerships are important at Samso to widen clients’ business presence and deepen brand value.


Samso’s interviews are posted on their website, podcast and YouTube channels and via other relevant online environments where they can be shared among investment communities.


These client ASX stories are further distributed via Samso's partners Proactive Investors, Brilliant-Online and The Market Bull bringing in a new point of interest to the subscribers of other channels. All these amplifications and engagements are made possible through Modern Marketing assisted by Vermilion Pinstripes.

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Thomas Line, CEO, Taruga Minerals Limited (ASX: TIE)
I was actually charmed by the interview and question style of Samso. Call it unorthodox or unique, for me the value is in how it helps to speak to a target audience who are not geologists and may not have this technical background. The relaxed style of the interview makes the information a lot more digestible and clear so there is that opportunity there to focus on educating investors. 
The one-stop-shop profile created for investors by Samso offers really good value, not just to the investors but also to companies. They have a very effective marketing package. When our interview was freshly out, it hit 2.2k views. 
I appreciate the complimentary Rooster Talk to get even more juice out of our conversations and how we are plugged in to social media as a boost. This ensures we are exposed to new markets and new investors. I´ll be happy to be back again for another chat when the time is right with relevant news to share.”  
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