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Look at the Red Seagull!

Samso's compelling ASX stories are like a Red Seagull. You can't help but notice it.

When you see a red seagull you would look wouldn´t you?

Samso's offerings are soaring like Red Seagulls. They pique investor interest because that's how much they stand out.

There are so many ASX stories out there, and for both investors and companies, seeing a Red Seagull and being one allows both sides to take notice, connect and engage. That's how Samso cuts the clutter.

Seeing a Red Seagull

Whether you are an investor just starting out, someone who has been in the industry for a while or even a veteran, it can be a challenge sifting out which stories to follow. As an investor, we want to get to the most interesting and timely stories without all the fluff, jargon and complexity. So when we are able to spot a Red Seagull from a sea of white feathers, it helps to bring focus and clarity. One can't help but wonder...this Red Seagull is special, what's its story?

Samso's Red Seagull strategy makes stories digestible and manageable so that investors can visualise the opportunities offered by companies, have clarity to understand the developments and this naturally makes investors keen and interested to want to follow the company.

Being a Red Seagull

For companies, being seen as a Red Seagull means you get people to sit up and take notice, get curious and want to know more. They are also eager to follow you on your journey and learn about what makes you special. The challenge for companies is how to stand out enough to make people want to know more about you.

Samso's offerings help companies to become the Red Seagull.

It is all about creating content and building a story that piques investor interest and encourages them to engage with the company's story and journey. A company's history, projects, developments, plans and values are not always easy for investors to understand or follow. And there are really a lot of companies out there in the industry.

A lot of what is being talked about in the industry can sound very technical which can be off-putting for investors and it becomes an impediment to understanding the company's story. There is also a certain assumption in the industry that just because you decided to be an investor, you automatically understand the lingo and jargon or know exactly how companies work.

Samso's style of offerings enable companies to show their passion, identify their values and explain why their projects are worthy of investment. All delivered and made accessible in a clear, manageable and engaging way.

Samso has multichannel distribution channels
Samso has multichannel distribution channels

Samso's Red Seagull Strategy

So how does Samso go about implementing this strategy to bring together companies and investors?

a) Experience and knowledge in the industries

Samso is an experienced ASX and Corporate Operator in 6 business sectors - Metals & Mining, Media & Technology, Healthcare, Renewable Energy, Industrial & Business Services and Financial Services.

Samso fully understands the requirements and limitations of the ASX - it is familiar waters to swim in. Samso knows how the ASX works, how companies behave in the ASX and what they need. Over the years, Samso has forged strong international investor and media network relationships.

b) Nurturing investor relations differently

Coffee with Samso, Rooster Talk and Samso Insights have a wide and enthusiastic following e.g. from investing firms like Denham Capital which help drive magnified distribution.

Noel's relaxed conversation style and pertinent questions provide an open space for thought leaders to fully share their ideas and reveal thought-provoking insights. Noel's genuine curiosity and experience in the industry encourages guests to share their enthusiasm and passion for what they do. These simple conversations are focused, go deep and drive definite results.

c) Partnerships for effective modern marketing

Samso handles the content and partners with media channels such as Proactive, Mining HQ, Briliant-Online and Vermilion Pinstripes. This helps companies save the extra cost of third party creators.

Samso's partnerships with Vermilion Pinstripes, a strong marketing firm with developed international presence as well as with Briliant-Online, an interactive multichannel magazine offer a unique value proposition for branding, helping companies achieve an enhanced multichannel digital brand connection.

With Samso's Red Seagull Strategy, a company's message attracts attention. The next time you spot a Red Seagull, get curious about its story.

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