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Look at the Red Seagull!

Samso is helping ASX companies take Brilliant flight. Each one has become a Red Seagull, and you can't help but see it and talk about it.

The Coffee with Samso Experience is soaring like Red Seagulls. They pique investor interest because that's how much they stand out.

That's why ASX companies come to Samso, because:

  • They want their stories heard.

  • They want to reach out to new audiences.

  • They want to position their brand in a positive manner.

What is the Red Seagull strategy?

It's a partnership of the Coffee with Samso Experience and Brilliant-Online.

This partnership has helped ASX companies pique investor interest, amplify visibility and engage with their stakeholders in a language they understand. There is clarity in understanding what the company is trying to achieve and why they should be investing in them.

Why investors appreciate Red Seagulls

There are some things investors wished ASX companies could know, so they can share their stories more effectively.

"A company's history, projects, developments, plans and values are not always easy for us to understand or follow. And there are really a lot of companies out there. It's frustrating not knowing where to start."

"A lot of what is being talked about in the industry can sound very technical, and all that can be off-putting and it becomes an impediment to understanding the company's story."

"There is also a certain assumption in the industry that just because we decided to be investors, we automatically understand the lingo and jargon or know exactly how companies work."

For investors, Samso's Red Seagull strategy makes stories digestible and manageable so that they can visualise the opportunities offered by companies, and have a trusted space to follow the developments. Simply put, it makes it easy and enticing for investors to want to follow a featured company.

Why companies want to be a Red Seagull

For companies, being seen as a Red Seagull means you get people to sit up and take notice, get curious and want to know more. They are also eager to follow you on your journey and learn about what makes you special. The challenge for companies is how to stand out enough to make people want to know more about you. That's where Samso's Red Seagull strategy comes in.

Samso's offerings create a different way to nurture investor relations.

  • It creates content and builds a story that piques investor interest and encourages them to engage with the company's story and journey.

  • It enables companies to show their passion, identify their values and explain why their projects are worthy of investment.

  • Information is delivered and made accessible in a clear, manageable and engaging way.

  • Noel's relaxed conversation style and pertinent questions provide an open, comfortable space for thought leaders to fully share their ideas and reveal thought-provoking insights.

  • Noel's genuine curiosity and experience in the industry encourages guests to share their enthusiasm and passion for what they do.

  • These simple conversations are easy to listen to, highly digestible while being focused, in-depth and drive definite results.

Samso has multichannel distribution channels
Samso has multichannel distribution channels

Why use Samso's Red Seagull Strategy?

ASX companies are given full support to make their stories Brilliant.

Imagine having someone do all of these for you:

  • Take care of all your content creation and social media coverage on a monthly basis.

  • Provide guidance to management on messaging and ideas to create content that makes sense and most importantly, technically relevant to the market.

  • Create content that is an extension of your news releases to amplify your message.

Samso has all the experience, knowledge and expertise to provide this support because:

  • We have over 30 years experience in the mineral exploration industry.

  • Samso is an experienced ASX and Corporate Operator in 6 business sectors - Metals & Mining, Media & Technology, Healthcare, Renewable Energy, Industrial & Business Services and Financial Services.

  • Our knowledge is drawn from the whole spectrum of the industry such as Field Assistant, Geologist, Senior Management and as the founder and Managing Director of ASX companies.

  • We fully understand the requirements and limitations of the ASX. We know how the ASX works, how companies behave in the ASX and what they need.

  • Over the years, Samso has forged strong international investor and media network relationships.

  • Samso has knowledgeable technical and corporate content to offer engagement that few can provide from one single source. And...

Samso currently has over over 10,500 YouTube subscribers; 1,900 Twitter followers; 2,600 LinkedIn followers plus a clean mailing list of over 1,200 subscribers.

This is an ecosystem that is unparalleled in the industry.

An ASX company's content is further distributed through our partners to over 630,000 readers, with a standard distribution through Brilliant-Online to reach out to another 70,000 readers.

Brilliant Samso partnership distributing coffee with Samso ASX stories

More than a Coffee

The whole Coffee with Samso Experience includes access to the core Samso products i.e. Coffee with Samso, Rooster Talk and Samso Insights.

Videos and podcasts on Coffee With Samso and Rooster Talk are tailored around the company's announcement and messaging. Your story is also shared as video snippets including YouTube Shorts to drive viewers back to the main video over a span of several weeks. You'll be constantly on the minds of investors in the industry.

Brilliant Partnerships

Samso handles the content and partners with media channels such as Proactive, The Market Bull, Brilliant-Online and Vermilion Pinstripes. This helps companies save the extra cost of third party creators.

Our media partner, Brilliant-Online is helping ASX companies reach out to another 70,000 new audiences monthly because the Brilliant Magazine is a uniquely interactive magazine that catches attention and engagement.

Each company's ASX story is automatically distributed to 70,000 readers via Brilliant-Online, a multichannel, interactive advertorial platform reaching out to potential investors via blogs, magazine, socials, emails and web banners.

Samso's partnerships with Vermilion Pinstripes, a strong marketing firm with developed international presence as well as with Briliant-Online, an interactive multichannel magazine offer a unique value proposition for branding, helping companies achieve an enhanced multichannel digital brand connection.

Learn more about the Coffee with Samso Experience

Contact Samso

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Samso ASX stories are also through the Brilliant-Online channels. Subscribe to Brilliant Investments.


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