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Samso celebrates 100 Coffee With Samso Episodes

100 episodes of Coffee with Samso. Wow. I remember when I recorded my very first coffee chat. It was with Mark Strizek, who is the Executive Director of Tietto Minerals Limited (ASX:TIE). At that time, I did not set out with the aim of wanting to record 100 or 1000 episodes. That's actually a lot of cups of coffee if you think about it. So it wasn't about the numbers. Every conversation I had with thought leaders across industries were compelling stories that I wanted to share, and when you gain so much insight and value from one, it just makes you want to have another. I had a great conversation with Mark on that very first episode. And it got me hooked on doing more.

What got me started was this - as a geologist and an investor in the ASX for more than 30 years now, I had been seeing so many instances of investors being misled in the junior mineral resource space. So much unnecessary frustration and confusion.

That set me off with the idea of creating a platform to share my insights.

So in September 2018, I started the Samso journey. I wanted to talk about the intrinsic value of exploration stories in a way that was simple and clear. It really is about putting myself in the investors' shoes and understanding what they really need and how their minds work. They do not need to be confused by "complicated" announcements and jargon that were simply too heavy to be useful.

The mission of the Samso platform is to give investors a space where they can receive clear information on why exploration is done, and how it should be done.

It was also important for me to help companies understand this as well. Companies assume investors understand everything - geology, statistics, procedures etc. And that's not really the case. More often than not, the average investor feels overwhelmed by information or a lack of clarity. So for companies to really reach out to investors, they need to tell their stories in a way that is accessible to investors. And they need to do this regularly.

It's about keeping the company story or journey on the minds of the investors and getting them interested in following.

Even as I celebrate our 100th episode today, what I am truly grateful for are the companies, thought leaders and investors who have been faithfully supporting what I do. It's the very fuel that drives me to travel around Australia and set up my trusty recording equipment in different coffee places around. This Samso platform is not just supported by my 30 years of experience and knowledge. It's continually being boosted by those in the industry who bring their exploration stories to life, and who have been generously sharing their information, expertise and values with investors.

On this platform, investors no longer have to drill through mountains of technical jargon to get to the gems. And companies who come on our coffee chats always have a good time. We know we are going to have a great conversation - companies get to share their stories in an innovative and engaging way that is completely natural, investors get their unanswered questions clarified and they go away with a more solid understanding of projects, and I am continually learning and building up my understanding of the industry.

So as we savour our 100th cup of coffee chat, I want to celebrate the voices that have built our platform and who have given it an extensive spread of information that also goes deep, and those who have lent their ears to our stories and who keep returning for more.

And thanks to Mark Strizek for returning to our 100th episode. I'd like to think that Samso has been growing with our companies and investors through our coffee chats. We are on our journeys together, and I propose a toast to many more coffee chats to share compelling ASX stories together.

Don't stop brewing.

Noel Ong


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