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A Potential Golden Grove Discovery

Coffee with Samso Episode 38 with Don Smith, Managing Director, Lithium Consolidated Limited (ASX:Li3)

This is a fascinating conversation with Don Smith from Lithium Consolidated Limited that gives great insights into various aspects of real exploration.

His company’s projects are not on a mega-scale, but what these projects lack in size they more than make for in outstanding technical potential.

In recent years many projects have claimed the “neurology” title, but few of them can stand up if you look into the technical aspects of their claims.

What Lithium Consolidated has is the best combination of a great big old heat source in association with a structurally altered greenstone group of rocks. Whether you get a deposit out of it is another matter, but without those factors to start with you’re already way back in the line.

Little to no cover is another great asset and combined with the other geology, makes Lithium Consolidated projects worthy of being on anyone’s watchlist.

Some highlights of Don’s observations include:

  • There's an element of taking things step by step because I think what’s missing in a lot of the exploration spaces is that systematic science driven way of doing things, but we're also focused on the commercial reality

  • We have more of a narrow focus on what can be found here in Western Australia and it certainly exposes our investors to a few things that are less conventional here in Western Australia but certainly no less relevant, and VMS is one of them and the IRG intrusive-related gold system is another one; we seem to have both of those happening in that same area so it's very exciting

  • There's no going around that the capital markets are always difficult for exploration but I think because we have a good story that we're already getting some interest so that's a very positive side.

  • The thing about exploration is…it's about trying to remove the element of error. If you've got a hundred percent error and you do things that remove that, the chances of you having success will obviously be higher and that's what we aim to do through our data-driven scientific methodical process, but also with the ability to bring that to commercial outcomes as well

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