Mining HQ

Noel Ong of Samso and Chris LeMesurier of 1055 TripleM speak fortnightly on Mining HQ about Mineral Exploration, Commodities and Mineral Resources. These view points may help investors make good investment decisions and allow Samso clients to engage with a broader audience.


Samso-Mining HQ Ep. 3 - 28:33

Noel says market is slow and that is a good thing because money is out there, so look at the substance and not the hype, so you do not get burnt due to FOMO. Projects take time to develop, so go for long term results.

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Samso-Mining HQ Ep. 2 - 28:51


Noel advises investors to look at other metals that will help the EV Revolution like Nickel, Copper, Molybdenum, Tin, Tungsten and  Uranium

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Samso-Mining HQ Ep. 1 - 0:44


Samso debuts this podcast with Mining HQ by introducing what Samso does. Noel also reveals his favourite stocks.

GAL – Good Exploration project, nickel
RIE – Good project in the US. High grade gold in Arizona
HCH – Big copper play in Chile
BSX – A more producer style company in nickel, downstram and in Vietnam
CYN – Copper play in Australia. Looking to produce copper in 2022.

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Topics on Environment . Social . Governance

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