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Junior and mid-tier resource companies on the ASX

Here's another insight from Samso on Mining HQ Podcasts Ep.24

Noel looks at junior and mid-tier resource companies on the ASX that we may consider including into our superannuation fund.

It's always a good time to start thinking about our eventual retirement, and what we can do now to see our nest egg hatch fruitfully.

Noel speaks to Chris Le Messurier in today's episode about what people could be doing with their hard-earned dollars from the resource point of view. Noel gives some suggestions about a good space for conservative investors as well, so it's a good place to start your own research.

Mid Tier


- Northern Star Resources Limited (NST)

- Calidus Resources Limited (CAI)



- OZ Minerals (OZL)

- Cyprium Minerals Limited (CYM) / Austral Resources Australia Limited (AR1)


- Mincor Resources Limited (MCR)


- Boss Energy Limited ( BOE)

- Peninsular Energy Limited (PEN)

Junior End

Copper - Rex Minerals Limited (RXM)

Uranium - Bannerman Energy Limited (BMN)

REE - Lanthanein Resoruces Limited (LNR)

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Samso investment podcasts with Mining HQ
Samso investment podcasts with Mining HQ


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