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Sustainable Mining and the Impact to the Environment

Samso on Mining HQ Podcasts Ep.22 - start 00:26

The whole meaning of sustainable mining is kind of contradictory as what we take out of the ground is not going to be generated and all mining has an environmental impact. We all know that the statement I have just made is merely a statement of the obvious. As a mining community, it has always been about having the least amount of footprint and the least amount of environmental impact. The concept of lowering environmental impact has been around for decades. This is not a new phenomenon and listeners should take note that proponents of the mining industry are always looking for ways to mine in a compliant manner. It is now good for business to be known as a master of green mining. In my opinion, the measure of being sustainable and being environmentally compliant is the hard path. As I described earlier, it is difficult to get all those ducks in a row and keep them in that row.

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Samso investment podcasts with Mining HQ


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