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How an IPO works

Listen to Samso on Mining HQ Podcasts Ep.23

Noel explains the process of how an IPO works for a start-up mining company to eventually listing on the ASX.

We are seeing a busy period for IPOs (Initial Public Offering). Noel talks about what makes a good IPO, and the factors involved. He also shares about how important pre-IPO investors are.

It has been two very busy years for IPO. Noel thinks there has been nearly 100 IPOs in 2021 and we are now at 62 (September 2022).

Noel personally has been involved with two, one currently and several indirectly. It is never a simple process and always hard work.

Factors to discuss

  • Good projects

  1. Market Sentiment Commodity

  2. Strong conceptual Exploration strategy

  3. Not over priced projects

  • Cornerstone investor

You need an investor group or an investor who believes you. The strength of the IPO usually comes out of this group of investors. The strength of the company post listing comes out of this group of investors as well.

  • Supportive Pre IPO Investors

A pre-IPO group of investors that support the story of the company is the next critical step.

  • Good story telling process

The concept or the story of the IPO is something that is going to drive the reasons for all investors. The story will be a combination of the project, as in how good it is etc and backing the management. They are proven players, they have the incentive, they have the skill to do it.

  • Market sentiment helps.

This will be obvious factor. Although Noel does find that there is support for IPOs that look at upcoming trends. Market sentiment or flavour helps immensely.

Noel is currently involved in an IPO, getting their prospectus live, with projects in South Australia and WA, and they are looking at a mineral system in South Australia that is unknown and could be very big. Exciting times are ahead.

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Samso investment podcasts with Mining HQ


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