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WA Companies with commodities for future exports

Samso on Mining HQ Podcasts Ep.21 - start 00:26

Australia is the land of Milk and Honey with abundant commodities. In a time like now when commodity prices are good, most companies that are exporting are having the best time. As we speak, I am fielding emails from several sources about buying coal, iron ore, copper, nickel...etc. What I am telling them and what I have been telling these people for several years is, get in line and come bearing gifts. In summary, if you have not secured your offtake, get in line. The mining industry does not produce a mine like a house nor a skyscraper. It takes time and this is why those that understand the time lag are all in the front of the queue.

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Samso investment podcasts with Mining HQ
Samso investment podcasts with Mining HQ


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