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World’s First Cannabis ETF makes a new addition

Originally posted on Smart Money Gains

The Cannabis industry is rapidly expanding and is growing at a compound annual growth rate of over 30%. The cannabis market is driven by various factors such as the growing medicinal application of cannabis and the increasing legalization around the world. This space is constantly evolving and it offers tremendous opportunities for investors. Investing in early-stage companies has the potential to yield many multiples of capital invested.

The World’s first Cannabis ETF

Purchasing an ETF that includes a broad selection of cannabis stocks has proved to be an effective way to diversify. The HMMJ Index is designed to provide exposure to the performance of a basket of North American publicly listed life sciences companies with significant business in the Cannabis industry. HMMJ is the World’s First Cannabis ETF and has close to $1 Billion in assets. The fund managers analyze many factors when making a selection and only select companies that meet a strict criteria.

This ETF does quarterly rebalance to ensure the composition of fund reflects the changing leadership and drivers of growth within the industry. The most recent announcement on the North American Marijuana Index shows that WRLD.U is included.  This means that this company’s stock should see increased interest as well as buying.

About WRLD.U

ICC International Cannabis, through its subsidiaries, has operating assets and is developing a platform for cultivation, extraction, formulation and distribution across the globe. The company deployed a growth by acquisition strategy over the last year and has been able to expand its operations to 16 licences, spanning 12 countries and four continents.

ICC International Cannabis recently closed on $45M financing in order to develop their new assets and begin production of cannabis across more jurisdictions. WRLD.U has a 750,000-kilo cannabis production capacity and they are planning on capitalizing on the growing European medical Cannabis demand shipping their products through their network of 39,100 pharmacies.

The company is close to completing a very significant transaction with Wayland Group that will make International Cannabis the company with the most impressive European foothold. Equipped with experienced cross-functional teams, healthy treasuries, and the most robust licence and asset portfolio in the industry, WRLD.U shows significant promise.

Bottom Line

It is certainly becoming evident that smart money is slowly pouring into this stock. ICC International Cannabis is developing into a leading international cannabis player. WRLD.U is undervalued at current levels and investors are presented with an opportunity to buy shares at a discount. HMMJ has added 1.79M shares to their position according to their latest filings.

Once the WRLD.U and WAYL deal closes and an additional 300M shares are issued the company’s company’s cap will move materially higher. Therefore we expect another big bump to the number of shares the ETF will hold in its next quarterly rebalance in June. Front running the fund before the next rebalance is a good strategy for enterprising investors that want to build a position in this promising company.



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