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Nova Silica Sand Project - The Makings of a Tier 1 Industrial Mineral Miner on the ASX.

Rooster Talk 47 with Robert Martin, Executive Chair of Suvo Strategic Minerals Limited (ASX: SUV).

Suvo is positioning itself towards being a Tier 1 Industrial Minerals Miner. They have the Kaolin part sorted and is now taking the step to mining Silica Sands.

According to Robert Martin, the Executive Chair of Suvo, this is the missing link in the company's strategy. The company has had this asset since their IPO but has not moved on it till now.

What I like hearing from Robert is that he wants to build mines. He wants to create a Tier 1 Industrial Minerals Mining machine. From a person who has built a profitable mining services company, his words mean more to me now as I am seeing more of his cards.

The Silica story is one that will add significant value to the company. We have natural silica flour which adds market value that is unique to the Nova Silica Project. Robert tells us that they are getting calls daily about what they are doing with this Silica Project.

As we all know, exploration is a marathon and it is a matter of luck and science. The Nova Silica project is not like finding gold or nickel or copper. Silica is very much like iron ore, coal, and clay.

Once you have discovered a presence, the likelihood of finding a resource is very high. This is why when you resource Coal, your drill spacing does not need to be close. Some of the spacing can be hundreds of metres apart.

This resource statement that has been released is a stepping stone to a final solution. More steps are coming up with Suvo, so watch this space.


00:00 Intro

00:59 The Nova Silica Project Story

02:52 What does Nova mean for Suvo?

05:20 Why is Nova of interest?

07:55 Does Suvo really have more than the 15% stated?

10:37 Rising silica market demands

12:40 The importance of the quality of Nova.

13:50 Silica processing is chemical free.

15:05 What's the news flow?

16:43 Great stock to DYOR

17:25 Shifting on metal demand.

18:34 Last words from Robert

20:05 Conclusion


About Robert Martin

Mr Martin has over 20 years experience across the mining services, supply chain and capital market sectors. Mr Martin has owned and operated a highly successful mining services company which became a leading provider of products and services to the mining industry and operated globally with offices across Australia and internationally. After seven years of revenue and profitability growth and expansion into multiple countries, Mr Martin’s company was acquired by a prominent Perth business for an undisclosed multi-million dollar sum. Mr Martin runs a family office in Western Australia with a focus on investing and supporting emerging private and public businesses, and currently holds the position of non-executive director at PARKD Limited and is the non-executive chairman of publicly listed Critical Resources Limited.

About Suvo Strategic Minerals Limited

Suvo Strategic Minerals is a dual commodity Australian mining company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:SUV) focused on the development of their 100% owned White Knight Kaolin Project located in the Yilgarn Craton in the central wheat belt and their 100% owned Nova Silica Project located in the Gin Gin Scarp near the township of Eneabba all situated within Western Australia.

About the Nova Silica Sand Project

The Nova Silica Sand Project is a 100% owned potential large-scale Silica Sand resource located in the Gin Gin scarp near the township of Eneabba the project has existing rail cart transport solutions direct from the tenements to Geraldton port.

Watch the video - Suvo Expands Nova Silica Sands project

Suvo's ESG Strategy

Robert highlighted that Suvo has engaged an ESG team to help Suvo look at sustainable ways to rejuvenate what they have mined and further reduce carbon footprint for example using solar powered resources. The ESG strategy will see a long term intent to add value to shareholders as well as to communities and the environment.


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