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The Next Gold Miner in the Pilbara Goldfields - Calidus Resources Limited (ASX: CAI)

Coffee with Samso Episode 43 with David Reeves, Managing Director of Calidus Resources Limited (ASX: CAI)

2020 is the best year ever for mineral resource companies

The year 2020 is turning out to be the best year for mineral resource companies, especially here on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Everything is running and to those uninitiated in this cut-throat sector, I strongly recommend a strong dose of DYOR (do your own research). I have seen many projects in my geological life and it is these times that companies that have strong fundamentals need to be noticed.

Why CAI is undervalued

Calidus Resources Limited (ASX: CAI) in my opinion deserves some attention. I have liked this story as they have been on the edge of making that leap into production for a while now. The recent gold price movement upwards has given the company all the positive reasons to take the leap of faith and move into the production cycle.

In this episode of Coffee with Samso, David Reeves shares with us the progress on the Warrawoona Gold Project. We talked about why CAI is undervalued and the re-rating of the stock value in the coming months. The inevitable first gold pour will stamp this company as a fundamental story for eager investors.

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About Calidus Resources Limited (ASX: CAI)

Calidus Resources Limited is an ASX listed gold exploration and development company which controls the 1.25 million ounce Warrawoona Gold Project located in the East Pilbara district of the Pilbara Goldfield in Western Australia.

The Directors believe that the recent consolidation of this goldfield will transform the Company into a new Australian gold development company with significant potential to unlock further resources and new discoveries within the emerging gold belt of the Pilbara Goldfields district, which is a historically proven gold mining region.

About David Reeves

David Reeves is a Perth-based, qualified mining engineer with 30 years of experience in the mining industry, he is currently a director of Keras Resources Plc (AIM). Mr. Reeves has extensive experience in international capital markets through his involvement with various listed London and Australian companies. Mr. Reeves has a first-class WA Mine Managers ticket and a Graduate Diploma in Finance and Investment. He was managing director of Keras Resources Plc when Keras consolidated the Calidus project area and has over 20 years of experience in gold and precious metal development.



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