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The Kingman Gold and Silver Project - Riedel Resources Limited (ASX:RIE)

Coffee with Samso Episode 80 with Michael Bohm, Chairman of Riedel Resources Limited (ASX:RIE) is all about de-risking a high-grade gold mining project.

The Kingman project is another one of those that have good historical activities that makes me wonder why this is still not being explored. When Michael Bohm, Chairman of Riedel Resources Limited (ASX:RIE) approached me to make this Coffee with Samso, I was very impressed with what I saw from their previous exploration.

Followers of Samso would know that we had an Arizona story in New World Resources Limited (ASX: NWC) with the Antler Project, which was a good story about high grade mineralisation. This story appears to have a similar path and it looks like it has some hallmarks of a potential VMS region/province.

It is making its introduction as a high-grade gold and silver project but as the conversation progresses, there seems to be some evidence of a potential VMS system. Don't get me wrong - I am a strong proponent of the system whatever it is as long as it produces, so whether it is a VMS or not is really not all that relevant.

We talk to Michael Bohm, the Chairman of Riedel Resources Limited (ASX:RIE) in Coffee with Samso Episode 80, about their Kingman Project. One of the most important part of my investment thinking is the technical merits and the management of a project. I have known Mike since 1993 and I have known him as one who is in the quality status. Hence, when I see a project that looks good and is associated with quality management, I am immediately interested.

Over the years, I have learned that these two parameters of good technical and management points are the most important aspects of any investment idea.

Michael shares with us how their projects were acquired and why they came to the conclusion to go ahead with the project.



00:00 Introduction

00:35 The Kingman Story

01:27 Why do we not hear a lot about the US Projects?

03:36 What is good about Kingman?

05:07 How did RIE acquire the project?

11:48 Quality of Project

15:17 The Silver component to US projects.

17:08 What is economical Silver?

19:09 Lack of popularity in US mineral projects.

23:46 What is the value proposition?

31:08 News flow?


About Michael Bohm


BAppSc (Mining Engineering)

Appointed: 12 December 2020

Mr. Bohm is a qualified mining professional with extensive Corporate & Operations experience. Michael has extensive minerals industry experience in Australia, South East Asia, Africa, Chile, Canada and Europe.

A graduate of WA School of Mines, Michael has worked as a mining engineer, mine manager, study manager, project manager, project director and managing director and has been directly involved in a number of mine developments in the gold, nickel and diamond sectors.

Michael is a current Director of a number of ASX-listed companies and sits on their Audit & Risk and Remuneration Committees.

Michael has had previous directorships at Argyle Diamonds Mines, Sally Malay Mining Limited and Ashton Mining of Canada.

About Riedel Resources

Riedel Resources (ASX:RIE) is an ASX-listed mineral exploration company earning into an advanced high-grade gold exploration project in north-west Arizona.

The Kingman Project comprises approximately 200 contiguous mining claims located approximately 30km from the town of Kingman Arizona.

The area was mined for high-grade gold and silver from the 1880’s to the early 1940’s and since then very little modern exploration has ever been carried out on the property.

The Riedel board has extensive experience in minerals and mineral exploration in Australia, the US and Canada, amongst others.

Kingman Gold Project

The Kingman Gold Project is located near Kingman Arizona and only 90 minutes drive from downtown Las Vegas.

The project was mined for high grade gold and silver from the 1880’s until the early 1940’s which coincided with the outbreak of WWII.

Following drilling in the 1990’s, 11 diamond holes were drilled on the property in late 2019 and which intersected multiple zones of high grade gold, silver and lead from shallow depths and confirmed the extensive mineralisation potential of the area.

Riedel plans to aggressively drill and explore the project area during 2021.



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VMS (Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide) Deposits Explained

In simple terms, Volcanic-associated Massive Sulphide (VMS) deposits are caused by underground metal-rich volcanoes rising and creating a cooking environment.

I suggest you download this eBook which explains the VMS and How to Add Value to your Share Portfolio

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