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The Business of Water in the ASX - A Critical Resource - Clean Teq Water Limited (ASX: CNQ)

Coffee with Samso Episode 153 with Willem Vriesendorp, Chief Executive Officer of Clean Teq Water Limited (ASX: CNQ) is all about our most precious resource, Aqua - Water.

There is a common understanding that water is a resource that we cannot live without. However, if you ask your average investor in the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), what is the most critical resource, you will be surprised that many, if not all, will not mention water.

Investors talk about critical metals and resources but they forget that without water, nothing will work. No mining can happen if you do not have the correct form of water. You cannot even drill the holes without a good source of water.

Willem brings across the business of cleaning water. The business of desalination, nutrient removal, zero liquid discharge and hardness removal may seem unimportant, but these are big revenue generators when you do it for governments and companies. The revenue that can be generated is a lot more than one would expect. I would go as far as saying that the revenue margin is a lot better than most mining projects.

Clean Teq currently works with a focus on municipal wastewater, surface water, industrial wastewater and mining process water.

Watch the interview: Coffee with Samso Episode 153

What is most important is that Clean Teq is a technology company that is doing business in the water industry. The company creates the tech and they are the innovation. This is the point of difference.

Water treatment for industries has to be the most important aspect of the new world. Investors are preparing for the electrification of the next generation, but they must also learn that without water, there is no next generation.


00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

01:20 The Clean TeQ Water Story

02:59 Is water a critical resource?

05:52 The core business of Clean TeQ Water.

11:35 How does the business work?

15:02 Reaction from potential investors.

19:44 Does this new technology work?

22:10 History and success of metal recovery.

25:12 How should investors look at Clean TeQ Water Limited?

29:44 Are there any competitors?

31:59 What are the downsides?

34:15 News flow.

37:36 The image of CNQ.

41:06 Conclusion.


About Willem Vriesendorp

Chief Executive Officer

Willem has lived and worked in China since 2010. After moving to China, Willem initially worked as CFO and head of Strategy at a carbon trading and clean energy focused venture capital firm. In 2012, Willem founded a waste water treatment company based out of Beijing. Before moving to China, Willem worked for over 7 years as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company in Europe, the US and Asia, primarily focusing on clients in the energy and clean technology sector.

Willem has a Masters in Applied Physics from Groningen University and an MBA from Insead in Paris.

About Clean Teq Water Limited (ASX: CNQ)

Clean TeQ Water is one of the world's most innovative water treatment companies. We provide a wide range of water treatment solutions to customers around the world.

An ASX-listed company (ASX:CNQ), recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative water treatment and resource recovery.

We provide innovative metals recovery and water treatment solutions for governments and companies. Our technology solutions include desalination, nutrient removal, zero liquid discharge and hardness removal.

Our sectors of focus include municipal wastewater, surface water, industrial wastewater and mining process water. Clean TeQ Water has offices and laboratories in Melbourne, Beijing and Tianjin, and a partner office in Africa. We provide turnkey metals recovery and water treatment plants everywhere in the world.

Fresh water is the Earth’s most essential commodity. Population growth, the environmental challenges associated with urbanisation, economic development, and climate change are driving the water treatment market to become one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world.

In addition to these challenges, stricter regulation on water effluent quality is being driven by increased public concerns on the effect of micropollutants and demand for innovative water technology solutions. These trends are driving investors focus towards ESG compliant businesses.

Clean TeQ Water is well placed to capitalize on these market conditions with its deep expertise and unique portfolio of innovative technologies. Our technologies, which include continuous ion exchange solutions for targeted removal of pollutants, encapsulated bacteria for enhanced biological treatment, and new graphene based membranes, offer fundamentally new ways to treat water that address some pressing challenges in today’s global water sector.

With the successful delivery of several commercial sized treatment plants, we have proven the benefits our technology can bring to customers.



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