• Veronica Lind

Sedap Place: Innovation and Opportunities derived from COVID-19

Rooster Talk Episode 7 with Shaun Yeap, Sedap Place

In this episode of Rooster Talk, I am talking to Shaun Yeap.  Shaun runs a Malaysian restaurant that is finding it tough like all of his counterparts in the food and beverage industry.  Shaun talks to us about the challenges he is facing and how he is taking action to change the strategy of his business.  He is optimistic about the path forward as he sees this as a time to innovate and create opportunities that were not present in the “old days”.  The business plan has changed and by innovating and taking on new ways as opportunities, Shaun is creating news ways to keep moving forward in a new frontier.

Great conversation and it is good to see young entrepreneurs making changes to meet a new market.



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