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Noel Ong Celebrates Brilliant Decades in Mineral Exploration

Ever wondered how Noel Ong, CEO of Samso started in the mineral exploration industry?

Brilliant-Online featured Noel in this month's edition on businesses that have trailblazed through the decades and continue to thrive and progress in what they do.

Noel Ong has been a regular contributor to the magazine's investment section, bringing compelling ASX stories to a Brilliant community. Read more here.

Why Geology?

Believe it or not, our favourite Man in the Hat had no idea this was to be his destiny when he was a young man standing on the campus of the University of Western Australia outside the Chemistry Department. And the reason why he chose to do Geology was because he 'kinda liked it' and did well in that subject in high school.

He finished with an Honours Degree in Geology in the end, but it still wasn't the guiding light that led him to create Samso.

Finding a 'normal' job is harder than it looks

While it may sound rather odd to say this, there is a serendipitous element in that Noel somehow never managed to find a 'normal' job no matter how hard he tried. This turned out to be the driving force that led him to sow the seeds for the creation of the Samso we know so well now.

Noel Ong, CEO of Samso | Samso

Brilliant decades in the making

Read Noel's story on Brilliant-Online to find out what factors and conditions led him to create the suite of Samso products and services that are making a difference to the investment community, and to companies who need a space for their stories to be told.

In Noel's own words, it's all about being "innovative and having a tenacious appetite to make sure doors are opened."

Entrepreneurs out there, and those who are curious to learn more about the humble beginnings of the Man in the Hat, read the article here. Perhaps you may be inspired to trust your own entrepreneurial journey, that every step is leading you to something greater.



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