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Critical Resources Limited (ASX: CRR) has both critical metals - Lithium and Zinc

Coffee with Samso Episode 119 with Alex Biggs, CEO of Critical Resources Ltd (ASX: CRR). The value that shareholders get exposed to from Critical Resources Limited is that the company has both critical metals - Lithium and Zinc.

As our world move toward Zero Emission, the need for taking positions in these metals become essential. In this episode of Coffee with Samso Alex Biggs gives us a rundown on the new Mavis Lake Lithium project and the Halls Peak Base Metal project.

When I first looked at Critical Resources Limited, I was interested in the Halls Peak project as there is some good indication of zinc mineralisation. I like the fact that there is a lot of good historical indication of a zone of mineralisation.

The addition of a high-grade lithium project to the portfolio is a smart move. I hear that there is a surge of lithium plants to a point that there are insufficient resources to build these plants. Engineering firms tell me that it is almost impossible to build at the required speed.

If the demand for lithium follows the market narrative, the acquisition of a lithium project in Canada is perfect.


00:00 Start

00:15 Introduction

00:54 We hear from Alex Biggs.

02:04 What is the story of Mavis Lake?

03:51 Good project.

05:23 How do you evaluate projects?

07:16 What is the thought on the Lithium market?

09:11 Good to have a Chairman that builds a business.

11:07 What is next for the Mavis Lake Project.

13:30 Feedback from the DD about the Lithium project.

15:00 The wonders of Zinc.

17:13 Potential of Halls Peak.

19:44 Discovery will create value for Critical Resources.

21:11 Potential of NSW projects?

22:29 Supply and Demand news for Zinc.

25:23 Why base metals will be the real flavour.

27:50 No Emission is driving the mineral resource market.

30:30 Potential upcoming news.

32:04 Last Words

33:42 Conclusion


About Alex Biggs

Chief Executive Officer

Alex Biggs is a qualified Mining Engineer, educated at the Western Australian School of Mines. He has experience in operations, consulting and finance with a focus on feasibility studies, financial modelling, project evaluation and project management. He also has experience in capital raising, both equity and debt as well as deal structuring and significant commercial expertise.

Alex has a strong focus on underground and open-pit hard rock mining in multiple commodities. He has held various positions at companies including Venturex Resources, Palisade Capital Corporation, Barrick Gold as well as Principal positions in consultancy and advisory capacities.

Alex joins Critical Resources as Chief Executive Officer to further the company’s assets and build a strong, sustainable future for the company and its shareholders.

About Critical Resources Limited (ASX: CRR)

Critical Resources Limited is a base metals exploration and development focused company headquartered in Perth, Western Australia and is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: CRR).

The Company has the Halls Peak Base Metal Project in NSW and has recently acquired the Mavis Lake Lithium Project in Canada.

Mavis Lake Lithium Project

The Mavis Lake Lithium Project is 19 kilometres east of the town of Dryden, Ontario. The Project is in close vicinity to the Trans-Canada highway and railway major transportation arteries linking larger cities such as Thunder Bay, Ontario, to the southeast and Winnipeg, Manitoba, to the west.

The region boasts excellent infrastructure with hydro-power located a few kilometres to the southwest of the project. The region is a well-established lithium province with multiple projects located within the vicinity.

Previous drill programs have yielded high-grade Li2O intercepts including 55.25m at 1.04% Li2O from 80.75m in drill hole MF18-531,4 and 26.30m at 1.70% Li2O from 111.9m inc. 7.70m at 2.97% Li2O from 130.5m in drill hole MF17‐491,3 presenting significant exploration potential.

Latest ASX Announcements - Lithium Project Acquisition



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