• Veronica Lind

Breaking the Inter-Generational Curse

Rooster Talk Episode 18 with Mark Anderson, CEO, Foundation of Indigineous Sustainable Health (FISH)

This episode of Rooster Talk has Mark Anderson from FISH (Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health) talking to us about the issues of Australian Indigenous intergenerational issues. This is a topic that I have wanted to speak on for many years, Why are we not celebrating our Australian Indigenous culture. There is a perception that we are but I feel that in practice, in reality,

I don’t feel that is the case. I really liked how Mark has summarised the case in that to move forward, we need to understand the issues and the history of the Australian Indigenous people. I don’t mean to understand their culture, but to understand their unfortunate history with the coming of the non-indigenous man. In some ways, all sides need to reconcile their past issues and work together as there is great richness in the Australian Indigenous culture.

I believe that Australia is missing one element in making it a great nation. This missing link is to embrace the history that makes this nation great, the embracing of the indigenous history and way of life.



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