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Aurumin Limited (ASX:AUN) - The Beginnings of a Gold Producer.

Rooster Talk Episode 54 is with Brad Valiukas, Managing Director of Aurumin Limited (ASX: AUN)

The time has come for Aurumin Limited (ASX:AUN) to step up and deliver on its aspiration to become a mid-tier gold miner.

We know where the ounces are, we are going to try and deliver a result. - Brad Valiukas.

In this episode, we get an update from Brad on the path forward for Aurumin after completing the acquisition. We spoke about how management was going to plan the work that will be happening over the next 12 to 18 months.

Mt Dimer, Mt Palmer and Johnson Range are still core projects for the company. However, with this acquisition, the Sandstone project is a step up. In saying that, Brad assures us that there is a lot of work still to be done with the existing projects.

There is no question that the acquisition is a big value add to the company. However, markets do have a mind of their own when it comes to valuation. Personally, if you look at what is in the project with the Two Mile Tonalite, if management can make this work, it will be a game changer.

This is a good groundwork for investors and I strongly encourage those investors who have done their own research to seek out Brad. Talk to him and ask him what his thoughts are and his reasons for acquiring Sandstone.


00:00 Start

00:25 Introduction

00:53 Brad discusses Sandstone acquisition.

01:08 How will the new Sandstone project fit into Aurumin.

02:12 How is the Mt Dimer project going?

04:49 How does Aurumin plan the exploration?

07:40 Does exploration change depending on results?

09:35 The Two Mile Tonalite - The Prize.

11:16 The Pegasus Story - The Hidden Jewel of Sandstone.

12:24 The news ahead for Aurumin.

15:04 The Ultrafine Sampling Success.

16:17 Reasons to look at Aurumin.

17:23 Conclusion


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About Brad Valiukas - Managing Director

BEng (Mining), GradCert (Econ), Member AusIMM

Mining Engineer and experienced executive with over 20 years operational, management and executive experience covering underground and open pit operations across multiple commodities around Australia and internationally.

Brad's most recent position is that of Manager – Technical Services for Northern Star Resources. He was previously COO at Focus Minerals, COO at ABM Resources and held senior roles at Mincor Resources.

About Aurumin Limited (ASX: AUN)

Aurumin Limited (ACN 639 427 099) (Aurumin or Company) is an Australian company incorporated on 28 February 2020 in Western Australia as a mineral exploration company to allow the reorganisation of projects held by Aurumin Mt Dimer Pty Ltd (formerly Acertim Resources Pty Ltd) (Aurumin Mt Dimer).

In particular, the Company was established to enable the restructure of the Mt Dimer, Mt Palmer and Johnson Range projects into separate project entities and further consolidate additional tenements, and to progress these gold exploration projects in the Southern Cross and Kalgoorlie regions. Since incorporation, the Company has acquired 100% legal and beneficial ownership of Aurumin Mt Dimer and Aurumin Mt Palmer Pty Ltd (formerly Mt Palmer Gold Pty Ltd), and has entered into a further 3 tenement acquisition agreements and applied for further tenements such that it now has an interest in 29 tenements across 4 projects.



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