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A Discussion on Mining and Politics: Implications from State, Federal and International.

Samso Insight Episode 97: This episode is a general discussion on how politics and mining are interbedded in conversations.

One of the most important factors about investing in the mineral resource sector is understanding what the macro instruments are doing and how they will affect your investments.

For example, Tony Goode, Founder of Tonash Global gave us a good (long) discussion of what will ultimately be the cost that the industry will take on with the onset of policies that will create bureaucracy hurdles which ultimately mean more cost and headaches to the industry.

This episode is a good change of pace from our technical discussions. This is a discussion which will invariably create more questions than answers. This is the very reason I invited Tony to come and share his thoughts.

As we all know, when investing in any sector or industry, we have to look at all aspects that will affect the earning and capital appreciation of the product. This episode gives viewers a good understanding of what those factors may be in reality.


00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

01:12 All about Tony Goode.

03:08 The factors affecting mining investments.

10:03 The cost of ESG.

22:30 How can investors digest the need to go the way of clean energy?

26:19 How much influence do politicians have on investments when they speak?

28:49 Can Australia play the Nationalism card to protect our critical metals?

32:15 The changing geopolitical boundary could be positive for the mining industry.

33:48 Last words from Tony Goode.

36:21 Conclusion


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About Tony Goode

Tonash Global founder Tony Goode is an experienced consultant and management generalist with expertise in a number of sectors; most notably mining, technology and agriculture. Tony has worked closely with small to large companies and has collaborated productively with all tiers of government. Tonash Global is about adding value to existing businesses and is especially effective at helping to establish new enterprises.

His extensive experience over 30 years has included working initially in the public sector before pursuing opportunities in private enterprise at the corporate level through to working in and with small to medium businesses. He has managed farm machinery companies and a telecommunications company, and he has owned a rural supplies business and supermarket.

In more recent times Tony has been a managing director of a company bringing new mining technology into the market, he has assisted in putting together a gold mining and iron ore venture and he has undertaken a number of property developments. Tony has a particular enthusiasm for emerging start-ups in niche areas of the resources sector and his company focuses on the provision of advisory services and investing in and acquiring interests and assets in mining projects, especially those in the critical battery minerals space.

Tony is now also working with Samso Media as an interviewer, commentator and content provider, covering a wide range of matters such as mining, geo political issues, economics and various other topics.

In terms of community involvement, Tony has been involved in the Liberal Party since the 1990’s and has held numerous positions such as Branch and Division President, as well as State Councillor and has written policy papers and contributed policy motions to the Liberal Party State Conference. Additionally, Tony has been active in various other community roles including serving as a Shire Councillor, acting as a Board Member of Regional Development Australia and as Chairman of the Warren Blackwood Small Business Development Centre. Tony has been, over many years, a passionate advocate of regional development.



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