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A Mineral System Discovery Story with Taiton Resources Limited

Taiton Resources Limited (ASX: T88) appoints Noel Ong as Managing Director. The Taiton Resources Limited IPO is now live.

The search for the mega deposits begins within the new mineral province of the Highway project.

As I always say, and it cannot be said often enough, exploration needs the key ingredients of time and patience. You have to get out there and explore, and accept that discoveries don't happen overnight.

Taiton Resources Limited is a mineral exploration company focused on projects in Western Australia and South Australia. They were previously listed on the ASX (previous stock code SYS) and are seeking re-listing on the ASX at a suitable time in the future.

What Taiton is doing is they are exploring in a mineralising system, or a cooking system. Once you find a system, you'll find your metals.

Taiton's Prospectus is now live and ready for download.

All Roads Lead to Rome

The Taiton Resources story is all about the Highway project. The Highway project is the company's flagship project and it is all about the existence of a Mineral System.

This part of the South Australian mineral map has been misunderstood and overlooked as an area of prospectivity. Historical explorers had walked the area, drilled, sampled, used geophysics and left as they did not find any evidence of a IOCG system.

Taiton has First Mover Advantage in consolidating a large tenure of over 2,900 square km because of good timing of technical data released by South Australian Mines Department (Figure 2). Work by the company has provided evidence that the region may be more prospective than reported by previous explorers.

One of the compelling evidence of prospectivity is zircon age dating carried out by the company. The results showed that the age of the basement rocks is indeed similar to those that are present in Olympic Dam. This inference has given the company a great amount of confidence in looking for porphyry or IOCG type mineralisation.

Another part of the lining of the ducks is that published data has also shown that the majority of the tenements has very shallow cover of no more than 50m (Figure 1). In the main Merino prospect, the cover to basement is in the range of 0 to 20m.

Taiton Resources Limited T88: Residual gravity contours within Highway tenements over depth to basement.

Figure 1: Residual gravity contours within Highway tenements over depth to basement.

CSIRO work has also shown that the area where Highway is located is also the area of interest based on the amount of hydrochemical anomalism.

Taiton's Projects

Taiton has a number of interesting projects across Australia (Figure 2). And with some exciting characteristics as well.

Regional map of all the projects of Taiton Resources Limited (ASX: T88).

Figure 2: Regional map of all the projects of Taiton Resources Limited (ASX: T88).

Highway Project and Challenger West Project (South Australia)

Taiton acquired a total of 3,927 km2 of granted tenements in South Australia (Figure 3). The Highway project has potential for polymetallic mineralisation in an environment rich with hydrochemical activities. It has historical drilling results that confirm the presence of mineralisation 2,930 sqkm. Other strong points include having a great infrastructure along the Stuart Highway and strong geophysical indicators.

Taiton Resources Limited T88 - Regional location of South Australian Projects (TMI background)

Figure 3: Regional location of South Australian Projects (TMI background).

Situated near the Challenger Gold Mine, the Challenger West Gold Project is located in a prospective area with little historical exploration. However, recent exploration in the area is showing that there is potential for interesting discoveries. We are talking about the presence of abundant supergene gold opportunities.

Lake Barlee Gold Project (West Australia)

This is a Salt Lake story with ready to drill targets which are vectored by deep seated structure with hidden Greenstone Belt (Figure 4). Taiton is chasing a system that is analogous to the 2.6Moz Big Bell deposit in the Cue region.

From their study, Taiton concluded that a comparison between the RTP and analytical signal suggests that part of the host sequence is remnant, due to the presence, in the Big Bell analogy, to monoclinic pyrrhotite and mafic units comprising the potential ore host rocks.

Gold mineralisation is associated with distinct magnetic highs within a weakly magnetic felsic volcanic host. A high magnetic susceptibility is due to abundant disseminated pyrrhotite at the Big Bell and may be the case with the Lake Barlee UAV magnetic targets.

Taiton Resources Limited - Regional locality of Western Australia Lake Barlee Project (TMI background).

Figure 4: Regional locality of Western Australia Lake Barlee Project (TMI background).

Looking to the future

Taiton Resources Limited is on the lookout for future proof commodities. Mineral exploration companies are expected to stay on track with developments around the world, and a company that cannot keep up with our current 2020s Industrial Evolution is going to fall behind. Base metals are in, as we undeniably move into the No Emissions world.

If one is looking for elephants, one cannot be too modest. Taiton Resources Limited has set its sights on world-class large conceptual targets. It has a fully underwritten IPO of AUD 7M with projects that will be explored to prove New Concepts and Discovery of Tier 1 deposits.

Is there going to be an elephant discovery for Taiton? We´re keeping our eyes and ears open for some news.

About Taiton Resources Limited

Taiton Resources Limited was previously listed on the ASX (previous stock code SYS). Taiton Resources Limited (ASX:T88) has launched an initial public offering of a minimum of 35,000,000 Shares and a maximum of 50,000,000 Shares to be issued at a price of $0.20 per Share to raise a minimum of $7,000,000 under the IPO has been underwritten.

They are an early-stage mineral exploration and development company that has a Shallow Mineral System within the Olympic Dam Mineralising Event.

Their dominant land holding at the Highway Project will allow them to potentially uncover the Next Elephant Deposit in Australia.

The company has projects based in South Australia and Western Australia.


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