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A conversation about Tungsten

Coffee with Samso Episode 1 with Mark Strizek, ex-Managing Director of Vital Metals

This is the first episode of Coffee with Samso.  Samso will have a coffee with someone and have a conversation about what’s happening in the resource sector and general topics of interest.  It is a simple coffee conversation with no formalisation of style.

In this first Episode for Coffee with Samso, I chat with Mark Strizek who was the ex-Managing Director of Vital Metals who had the Watershed Tungsten market.  We discussed the tungsten market in general and what is the future demand, supply and project viability.

Mark has a lot of experience in the tungsten market as he dealt extensively with the Chinese looking at how to improve processing tungsten for the Watershed Tungsten project. He is a man with a wealth of insights into the sector that is not readily available in the market.  It is worth the whole 18 minutes.

I hope you enjoy the chat and the topics were useful.

Individual Segments for Episode 001

Coffee With Samso Ep 001_ 01_Introduction

Coffee With Samso Ep 001_02_Mark Strizek talks about his experience with Chinese Tungsten experts.

Coffee With Samso Ep 001_03_Solution to Low-Grade Tungsten Projects

Coffee With Samso Ep 001_04_Dealing with impurities in Tungsten projects.

Coffee With Samso Ep 001_05_Tungsten Projects

Coffee With Samso Ep 001_06_Australian Tungsten Projects and the Tungsten market.

Coffee With Samso Ep 001_07_Tungsten market and Conclusion



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