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Delivering Success: Building a PGE Resource - Galileo Mining Limited (ASX: GAL)

Coffee with Samso Episode 168 with Brad Underwood, Executive Chair and Managing Director of Galileo Mining Limited (ASX: GAL) is about the year of Callisto.

The discovery of the Callisto PGE system in Norseman, Western Australia has all but sealed the future paths of the company. Galileo Mining is now at the resource building stage and Brad is calling 2023 the Year of Callisto.

This episode is all about where Callisto is headed in the near future.

Watch the interview: Coffee with Samso Episode 168

The Galileo story has always been about finding resources. It is a rare company in the small cap mineral resource companies sector that is focused on finding a resource that is meaningful. As we know, the amount of work is directly related to what is in the bank account. And Galileo has a lot of funds in their bank account.

The reason why Galileo can sustain the continuous mineral exploration activities is due to the fact that the major shareholder is Mark Creasy. Google him and you'll find out soon enough about the caliber of this shareholder.

Galileo will continue to drill, and by all accounts from the recent drilling, the grades are looking to be getting better with depth. I have suspected that the early exploration results were indicating some trend towards the east, and it is nice to see that more drilling has shown this to be true.

Brad Underwood gives us a great review of the results and what investors should take away from this Coffee with Samso. The Callisto Story is a classic successful mineral exploration story of perseverance, having the faith in the science and a great management team.

DYOR is the key here for investors and shareholders. I encourage viewers to reach out to Brad Underwood and get him to explain any questions you may have from today's Coffee with Samso.

Get comfortable, and enjoy this episode of Coffee with Samso.


00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

01:28 Brad Underwood introduces Galileo Mining Limited.

02:04 Is 2023 All about Callisto?

03:33 Brad narrates the mineralisation at Callisto.

07:41 Is the grade increasing with depth?

09:21 Galileo is All In on Callisto.

11:08 Proving the geological model.

11:52 What is Callisto?

13:41 How much of Callisto is still not understood?

15:41 Galileo is all about finding resources.

17:56 How are recent results adding to the value of Callisto?

20:30 News Flow.

22:17 How should Investors view Galileo Mining Limited now?

24:18 Can Callisto get bigger?

25:34 Why buy Galileo Mining Limited?

26:36 The exciting part of Galileo Mining Limited.

26:59 Conclusion


About Brad Underwood

Executive Chair and Managing Director

Brad Underwood is the Chairman and Managing Director of Galileo Mining. Mr. Underwood is a geologist with over 18 years of experience in exploration, prospecting and mining. He has been involved in copper, gold, nickel and cobalt discoveries and the development of numerous prospects over a variety of commodities.

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About Galileo Mining Limited (ASX:GAL)

Galileo Mining is a resources company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the code GAL and is exploring for base metals in south-east Western Australia. The company has 100% ownership of its Norseman Project and has Joint Ventures with the Creasy Group over highly prospective tenements in the Fraser Range.

The Norseman Project is located adjacent to the regional town of Norseman in an infrastructure-rich area of Western Australia. A bitumen highway runs parallel to the project area and is less than 10km from the Company’s current JORC cobalt-nickel resources. The Norseman Project includes numerous areas with potential for further cobalt discoveries as well as additional nickel and copper prospects.

The Fraser Range Project covers two zones of the extensive Fraser Range geological belt. The Fraser Range is known for the world-class Nova nickel-copper-cobalt mine discovered by Sirius Resources in 2012. Galileo’s northern Fraser Range tenement is 80km from the operating Nova mine while the southern tenements are just 30km from the mine.

Galileo is targeting Nova style nickel-copper-cobalt mineralisation in the Fraser Range and has a deep level of experience in the region.

The company was originally privately owned by renowned prospector Mr. Mark Creasy, and Galileo Managing Director Mr. Brad Underwood spent eight years as General Manager of the Creasy Group’s exploration at the Fraser Range and Norseman.

Galileo Mining listed on the ASX in May 2018, raising $15 million in IPO funding.

Mr. Creasy continues to be the largest shareholder, controlling approximately 31 percent of the company. ASX-listed miner Independence Group (ASX: IGO) and Mineral Resources’ founder Chris Ellison are included within the Company’s top five largest shareholders.

Galileo Key Milestones

2003 – Registered as a private company wholly owned by Mark Creasy

2004 – Acquired the Norseman project

2006 – Initial drilling conducted at Norseman

2017 – Maiden JORC Resource completed at Norseman

2018 – Acquired interest in the Fraser Range project

2018 – Launched on the ASX as a public company

2020 – Nickel Sulphides confirmed at Fraser Range project



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