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Decarbonisation: Implementation Issues and Process.

Samso Insight Episode 100: As we progress to a world of clean energy and a No Emission life, the hard path of implementation begins.

The hard part of all the conversations about decarbonisation and a perfect world of less carbon, less emission to no carbon and no emission is the implementation of some real world details.

In this episode we have Matthew Bowen and Adel van der Walt from Jackson McDonald and Joe Wyder from DMIRS speaking with Tony Goode. Matthew and Adel share with us their experience in a sector which seems to be a world of smoke and mirrors.

The average citizen of the world always has an opinion they want to express about the clean world. However, as you take the conversation further, they seem to lack an understanding of how that will work in practice. When we talk about the mining sector, there are so many parameters that need to be considered. Most importantly, we mustn't forget that mining is a business after all, and if there are no profits, then there will be no mining.

This discussion is all about how we are going to have clean energy for mining and how all proponents of this industry must work together to have best practice.

There are some real working examples of cleaner energy which we discuss in today's Insights, and you can see it in the images below. King Island and Rottnest Island are prime examples of how important hybrid power systems are to the clean energy process.

One interesting message that came from this episode is that clean mining will consume more energy. People who want clean mining need to understand that to achieve the clean power world, there is a need for more mining. More clean mining means more energy will be consumed.

Source: Hydro Tasmania King Island Renewable Energy Integration Project (link) and Rottnest Island Project (link), 31 August 2022

Make sure you have a good cup of your favorite beverage and tune in to this episode of Samso Insights. As stale as you may think the heading is, as you watch the episode, you will begin to get engrossed with this stimulating concept of implementing the decarbonisation process.


00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

03:05 The state of the clean world status.

07:17 Why do we Decarbonise?

03:18 Changing of mindsets.

14:10 How does the Decarbonisation process look?

15:55 Carbon Consumption - The Business of Mining.

21:41 Clean Mining will consume more power.

22:21 Small Vehicle Fleet on Alternative Fuel.

23:43 NASA testing alternative fuel options.

24:25 Is hydrogen cells for the big trucks?

24:57 The birth of hybrids.

25:32 Difficulties of hydrogen.

26:01 Alternative fuel will determine Mine Design.

27:08 The issue with Lithium ion batteries.

28:06 State Government Hydrogen Committee.

32:02 The coming of the Mineral Revolution.

33:39 The Purchase Agreement.

35:21 DMIRS New Implementation supporting Decarbonisation.

39:29 Resources provided by DMIRS.

40:54 Jackson McDonald contribution to the Power Agreement templates.

43:38 Agreements are made from the miners' perspective.

51:28 The impacts and opportunities for Indigenous communities.

52:36 Challenges of Hybrid vs Conventional power generators.

53:51 Opportunities to help indigenous communities.

54:50 The wealth creation opportunities from the renewable energy space.

57:51 Concluding comments from Matthew Bowen.

01:00:20 Conclusion


About Adel van der Walt

Partner - Jackson McDonald

Adel is a senior energy projects and corporate commercial lawyer. She advises on contract preparation, negotiation and interpretation.

Her experience spans a wide range of commercial and project documentation in the energy and mining sectors, including project development, corporate structuring and project operational documentation, including service agreements, management agreements, offtake contracts, distribution, marketing and supply contracts.

Adel is an experienced transactions lawyer who advises on in and out-bound investments and mergers and acquisitions in the mining and oil and gas sectors. She is a legal due diligence expert and regularly assists companies operating in the mining and oil & gas industries to conduct effective small and large scale due diligence investigations. Adel also advises her clients in respect of a wide range of corporate and regulatory matters.

As a leading energy and projects lawyer in our Energy and Regulation team, Adel advises businesses over the entire life cycle of energy projects. Her clients include gas and electricity providers, buyers and sellers, pipeline and network companies, alternative energy companies and energy consumers, including major project and asset owners. Some recent relevant work include assisting a company with the development of a hybrid gas/wind/solar/battery renewable energy power facility and associated construction and power purchase agreements.

Prior to 2009, Adel practised in South Africa where she specialised in mining transactions and operational work, and advised clients on transactions and due diligence investigations in respect of projects in South Africa and other parts of Africa.

About Matthew Bowen

Partner - Jackson McDonald

Matthew is a commercial lawyer practicing in energy law, infrastructure access, competition and trade practices law and statutory drafting and interpretation.

He advises clients in a range of industries on commercial agreements, energy contracting and statutory compliance. He has helped negotiate and implement large scale and long term contracts, including project implementation under State Agreements and State Development Agreements.

Acting for the State government, Matthew has drafted and helped develop statutory and regulatory regimes, including several licensing and third party access regimes in gas and electricity. He is experienced in both government and industry liaison.

Matthew’s infrastructure access experience includes advising private and public sector clients regarding third party access to gas pipelines, electricity networks, rail, mining and resource development infrastructure, telecommunication facilities, railways, harbours and water pipelines, and regarding competition law and policy generally. He has advised both asset owners and access seekers.

Matthew also advises clients on trade practices matters including misuse of market power, exclusive dealing, price fixing and anti-competitive arrangements.

About Joe Wyder

Principal Policy Analyst, Energy Industry Development

Energy Policy WA

Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety



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