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Mining Kaolinite - Just a Matter of Time: Andromeda Metals Limited (ASX:ADN)

Coffee with Samso Episode 64 with James E Marsh, Andromeda Metals Limited (ASX:ADN)

I was convinced that Andromeda Metals was better than an AUD$0.04 stock. Today it is now an AUD$0.29 stock with a market capitalisation of just over AUD600M.

When I first spoke to Andromeda Metals Limited (ASX: ADN) in late 2019, I felt that this was a company with such a simple business - a simple business that was going to make a lot of money. After talking with James Marsh and learning more about the business, I was convinced that this was better than an AUD$0.04 stock.

Andromeda Metals is banking that their vast resource of Halloysite is going to make them a high quality Kaolin miner for now. Nanotechnology could make them a much bigger company in the near future.

Today, in January 2021, this is now an AUD$0.29 stock with a market capitalisation of just over AUD600M, and as James highlighted, they are not even in production yet. What is even more intriguing is that there are several other high value opportunities that are awaiting results that could make this resource company more of a resource technology company.

In this episode of Coffee with Samso, we hear James telling us what is happening with the road to production and what is in store in the coming months.

The market has been anticipating this PFS for a while and the recent share price movement prior to the release was in anticipation of something extraordinary. However, the decrease in share price after the release of the PFS is in no indication of the quality of the PFS. My thoughts are that the decreasing share price is due to market trading rather than a reflection of poor results from the PFS. In this chat, James highlights all the major points that reflect that the company’s path forward is well and truly on track and according to plan.

What viewers should take away from this Coffee with Samso is that the potential upside of Andromeda Metals is just about to be realised and shareholders should know that James is fully invested in this story.


Andromeda Metals Limited is an Australian Securities Exchange-listed company (ADN) with a focus on developing the Carey’s Well halloysite-kaolin deposit in South Australia. The company has built a highly prospective exploration portfolio of projects covering 5,374 sq km within 19 exploration licences located in South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia. Andromeda Metals (previously Adelaide Resources) was incorporated on 23 December 1993 and subsequently listed on the ASX on 11 September 1996. The Company’s head office is in Adelaide, South Australia. The vision of Andromeda Metals is to be a sustainable industrial minerals producer of high-quality halloysite-kaolin and high purity alumina material, thus providing shareholders with a sustainable financial return on their investment in the Company.

James E Marsh

BSc (Hons), MAusIMM

James Marsh is an industrial chemist and holds tertiary qualifications in chemistry and physics. He has extensive experience across a wide range of industrial minerals spanning a 25 year period, including senior technical and marketing roles with two global market leaders. He previously worked for 7 years as Business Development Manager for Active Minerals Australia, part of the Active Minerals International group, a worldwide leader in the production and marketing of kaolin and gel quality attapulgite clay minerals. Mr Marsh has been instrumental in developing and launching industrial minerals products into established and new applications globally and has a successful track record in general management and sales.



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