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Chasing Hishikari - A High Grade Epithermal Gold Story

Coffee with Samso Episode 56 with Simon Mitchell, Managing Director of Southern Gold Limited (ASX: SAU)

Looking for a Hishikari Gold System, Tier 1 Epithermal Gold System

Southern Gold Limited stands out with its OTB (Out of The Box) factor. When you have something that others don't, you are steps ahead in the chase.

My go-to company that has an OTB factor is Gold Road Resources Limited (ASX: GOR) with their dominance over the Yarmana Greenstone Belt; Hot Chili Limited with their Copper-Au play in the coastal plains of Chile; Andromeda Metals Limited (ASX: ADN) with their dominance over Halloysite in South Australia and Blackstone Minerals Limited (ASX: BSX) with their walk-up Nickel mine in Vietnam. They are just a few to name but they all have something unique.

Having a swag of projects in South Korea and chasing a Tier 1 gold system to find a potential Hishikari gold system is no easy process. As Simon Mitchell said, to attain the portfolio of projects that they have now is not a walk-in-the-park.

Simon shares with us his knowledge about historical mining in Korea and its recent exploration. Epithermal systems actually do exist and the high grades are even complimenting the discovered systems.

The sniff by recent explorers is telling Simon that this chase is worthy and the rewards are going to be in a magnitude that is not common in Korea and potentially in the world. We are expecting a lot of happy investors if Southern Gold discovers either the brother or the grandson of a Hishikari Epithermal system.

The prize is to find a gold system that allows us to not worry about the gold price.

This is indeed something that is not ordinary and the process of finding the "Holy Grail" is going to take time and funding. Fortunately, Southern Gold has time and funding.


About Simon Mitchell

Managing Director

BSc (Hons) Geol, MAusIMM, GAICD,MSEG

Simon Mitchell is a geologist and finance executive with 30 years of resources industry experience in technical and corporate roles including 10 years of gold exploration and mine development experience with Normandy NFM, RGC, Goldfields and Aurora Gold in countries as diverse as Australia, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

Mr. Mitchell worked for 6 years at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, predominantly in Project Finance, and more than 6 years with Toro Energy as General Manager of Business Development where he was responsible for mergers and acquisitions, capital raisings and the engagement of investors worldwide.

Previously Mr. Mitchell was Managing Director of Asiatic Gold Ltd, an unlisted public company with gold exploration projects in South Korea, assets that were recently acquired by Southern Gold.

About Southern Gold Limited (ASX: SAU)

Southern Gold Limited (SAU) is a company with one unified vision: to become an internationally recognised high-grade gold-silver project generator in South Korea.

SAU wants to be known for its highly professional technical team which has a reputation for making valuable discoveries in a manner that shows respect for their operating environment and the local people.

SAU is driving this vision with a business model of monetising small gold deposits as they search for the big ones. SAU is conservative with the issuance of irs scrip and looks to put as many dollars as possible into drilling holes to make the next big discovery.



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