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Caeneus Minerals Limited (ASX: CAD) The Search for Gold in the Pilbara

Coffee with Samso Episode 137 with Robert Mosig, CEO of Caeneus Minerals Limited (ASX: CAD)

Caeneus Minerals has been busy since our last Coffee with Samso in September 2021 where Robert Mosig, CEO of Caeneus Minerals Limited, showed us what was happening with the projects.

Caeneus has been slowly working the projects in the Pilbara looking for gold and now, base metals. The Pardoo project is now showing some good indications of Ni-Cu-PGE which would be a new style discovery for the area.

You can check out the previous Coffee with Samso with Robert Mosig here:


00:00 Start

00:25 Introduction

00:56 Robert updating on the Caeneus Projects.

01:53 Mineral Exploration is not an overnight process.

02:54 Where is the exploration thinking now on the current projects in Caeneus?

06:19 Why did people think that there is no gold in the Pilbara?

10:03 How much time is Robert spending on the thinking process?

11:51 Caeneus is not just after gold.

14:33 The Pilbara is a polymetallic province.

16:40 Avoiding the 'Jack of All Trades" statement.

18:12 Where is this mineral Industry "boom" going to stop?

20:44 Geopolitical unrest is helping out mineral exploration.

22:02 The news flow going forward.

23:39 Last words from Robert Mosig.

25:02 Conclusions


About Robert Mosig

Mr Mosig is a geologist with over 30 years experience in platinum group metals, gold, diamonds and specialty metals. In 1986 he was the founding Managing Director of Helix Resources (ASX:HLX) and in 2006 he was the founding Managing Director of Platina Resources Limited (ASX:PGM).

Mr. Mosig brings to the Caeneus team a strong technical and corporate contribution covering involvement in field programs through to corporate and technical acquisitions and fund raising activities.

About Caeneus Minerals Limited (ASX: CAD)

Caeneus Minerals Ltd (ASX: CAD) is an Australian-based mineral exploration and development company established for the purpose of acquiring a portfolio of highly prospective exploration projects.

The Mallina Province Project

The company’s exploration licences at Roberts Hill and Mt Berghaus cover an area of 170 sq km and 179 sq km respectively and are situated approximately 50 kilometres to the south of Port Hedland. The ground is comprised of structurally and chemically altered granitic, intermediate and ultramafic intrusive rocks which are considered highly prospective for additional gold occurrences to the recent discoveries in the region (De Grey’s Hemi).



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