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A conversation about Superfoods and Lupins: A healthy choice that makes good business sense

Coffee with Samso Episode 3 with Paul Werndly, our resident food scientist

This week, Coffee with Samso is all about superfoods and lupins.  An article from The West Australian about a local company making food products from Lupin inspired this episode.

In this episode, Samso speaks to our resident food scientist, Paul Werndly, about the good sense of infusing lupin into our diet.  Lupins have a low glycemic index and are high in protein.

As a product, Lupin is making a lot of business sense for aspiring entrepreneurs to get into this business.  Remember that the world population is now facing a diabetic epidemic of hundreds of billions of adults all over the world who are facing Type II diabetes.  To ignore this market is like neglecting the business sense of embracing the internet.

The message from Coffee with Samso is that there are companies out there that are supplying these healthy alternatives.  It sure is more fun snacking on a packed of lupin chips than sliced carrots or slice celery sticks… Well, the thought of munching on “chip” feeling snacks is more appealing.




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