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The Journey of the Irish King of Kalgoorlie - Ashok Parekh

Coffee with Samso Episode 139 is with Ashok Parekh sharing with us his experience in Kalgoorlie and the activities within the Mineral Resources sector.

Ashok Parekh is an established and well respected identity in the Kalgoorlie community. This is the reason why he is so knowledgeable about the industry. According to Ashok, he has been in Kalgoorlie since 1984 and that is why I sought him out to join us for a Coffee with Samso.

There are not many chances where we get to hear from participants who are well entrenched with the ins and outs of this industry. I have heard of Ashok for many decades but this is the first time I have actually spoken to him.

Ashok is a legend in Kalgoorlie, a legend in the mineral resource industry as well as a legend in the art of deal making in a sector that has more dangerous creatures than the Southern Ocean.

To all those viewers who are investors, this is a great episode to listen to - here is someone who is in the "purple circle". His words of wisdom are priceless. This is a man who has done it all, so I encourage viewers to watch and reach out to Ashok.


00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

01:26 Ashok introduces the story.

03:08 What was the Mining Industry like back in 1984?

05:42 What was the exploration industry like in the 1980s and now?

07:42 The lessons learned from the Silverlake Resources Limited IPO.

09:55 The Mystic of Paddy Hannan.

12:16 The success story from Kalgoorlie.

14:42 Race is not an issue in this industry.

15:44 What is Kalgoorlie like now?

17:13 The Industry is all about Boom and Bust.

18:04 The beauty of the Goldfields.

19:47 The potential of the Superpit.

20:27 Silver and Zinc potential in the Goldfields.

21:03 Biggest Issue for the Goldfields.

21:19 The bottle neck of Toll Treatment.

22:15 The Business of Gold Mining.

23:54 The process of making money in the gold mining industry.

25:56 The Rydges Model.

27:57 Understanding Technical and Management.

29:42 Quality people will create good business culture.

32:18 Commodity Price.

33:06 Lithium - The Real deal?

34:45 Is this our generation of a new Industrial Revolution / E-Revolution?

37:05 Vanadium.

39:40 Mount Holland and Red Dirt Metals Limited.

40:32 Uranium.

42:49 What is Ashok doing now?

44:30 Thank you to Ashok.

44:59 Diggers and Dealers.

45:56 Conclusion and Ashok´s work within the Indigenous Community.


Ashok Parekh

Centenary Medal 2003 Recipient: Australian Government (Governor General of Australia and Prime Minister of Australia)

Meritorious Service Award 2009: (Institute Chartered Accountants in Australia)

Mr Ashok Parekh is a chartered accountant, with over 40 years’ experience, who owns a large Accounting Practice in Kalgoorlie, which he has operated for 33 years. He was awarded the Centenary Medal in 2003 by the Governor General of Australia, and was recently awarded the Meritorious Service Award by the Institute of Chartered Accountants, the highest award granted by the institute in Australia.

Mr Parekh has over 33 years’ experience in providing advice to mining companies and service providers to the mining industry. He has spent many years negotiating with public listed companies and prospectors on mining deals which have resulted in new IPOs and the commencement of new gold mining operations. He has also been involved in the management of gold mining and milling companies in the Kalgoorlie region, and has been the Managing Director of some of these companies. He is well known in the West Australian mining industry and has a very successful background in the ownership of numerous businesses in the Goldfields. Mr Parekh was an Executive Chairman of ASX-listed A1 Consolidated Gold Limited (ASX: AYC) from 2011 to 2014.



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