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The Chemistry and Geology of the Clay Rare Earths Story and Mineral Prospectivity in South Australia

Embark on an odyssey into the world of Clay Rare Earths, a captivating journey through uncharted mineral potential. In today's Samso Insight Episode 114, we had the privilege of engaging with Dr. Diana Zivak, a distinguished Senior Geologist from the Geological Survey of South Australia.

Dr. Zivak skillfully shares a wealth of knowledge that goes beyond traditional boundaries. Her articulate discourse invites viewers and listeners on a captivating journey as we explore information that resonates with the public.

Dr. Zivak, an esteemed expert contracted by the Geological Survey of South Australia, has provided valuable insights into the Clay Rare Earths journey. Her observations have shed light on the remarkable qualities and limitless possibilities of this geological phenomenon.

For followers of the Samso story, the hopeful excitement about the geological potential of South Australia is widely recognised. This episode of Samso Insights is an absolute treat for those who are into exploration and innovation.

Explore the fascinating world of the Clay Rare Earths Story, where Chemistry and Geology intertwine to reveal new possibilities for progress and prosperity. Dr. Diana Zivak's groundbreaking work has revolutionised our knowledge of geological wealth, sparking curiosity among those who are uncovering the untapped potential of South Australia.

Samso's Conclusion

The Clay Rare Earth sector is an ongoing learning experience, with few claiming to have complete knowledge. Currently, the market serves as the ultimate judge of this sector's dynamics. Rising stock prices are seen as a sign of success, while falling share prices are viewed as unfavourable.

The current knowledge is based on a measurement that may not be the most authoritative. According to Dr. Diana Zivak, the industry is uncovering numerous Clay Rare Earth projects, each with its own characteristics. These projects are not identical, resulting in different enrichment processes for each deposit.

The complex terrain adds complexity to the search for the best project formula. West Cobar Metals, through its Salazar deposit, has identified Gallium, which could potentially be a precursor to other valuable by-products in the Salazar project.

In my opinion, it is important to have faith and perspective when considering the long-term outlook for the REE market. I believe that maintaining a positive outlook for all commodities is crucial, especially considering the ongoing efforts towards decarbonisation.

During our conversation, Dr. Diana Zivak and I explored the vast possibilities that exist in South Australia. This discussion is of great importance considering the limited amount of focused mineral exploration in this area. Despite valid historical factors, the potential for discovery remains untapped.

The geological landscape of South Australia still holds many mysteries waiting to be uncovered. As the Geological Survey continues to release data, those who take early action have the opportunity to reap significant benefits.


00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

01:48 About Dr. Diana Zivak

06:17 Where is technology today in terms of the analytical part?

09:13 The clay hosted rare earths story

19:19 Is Geomorphology a factor?

25:22 Heavy rare earth metals

31:56 Discussion about the Gawler

42:22 Multi-commodity processing

45:14 Discussion about lithium in South Australia

49:55 Different mineralisation styles

53:02 Closing comments

56:05 Conclusion


About Diana Zivak

Diana Zivak, an accomplished geologist with a decade of experience in academia and mining, specialises in diverse geological aspects including tectonics, geochronology, geochemistry, and mineral chemistry. Her proficiency extends to various analytical techniques such as laser ablation, ICPMS, and electron microscopy.

Presently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Adelaide, Diana is leading projects on REE enrichment in Queensland's phosphorites and provenance analysis of Murray Basin's mineral sands. She also contributes actively as a councillor for the Geological Society of Australia (GSA) and co-Chief of GSA's Early Career Geoscientist Advisory Panel (ECGAP), reflecting her commitment to empowering emerging geoscientists.

Diana's ethos revolves around embracing complex geological challenges with fervour and resolute determination.

About Geological Survey of South Australia

The Geological Survey of South Australia (GSSA) collect, manage and deliver information and knowledge of South Australia’s geology, particularly for its mineral resources prospectivity.

Please click here to find out more about the Geological Survey of South Australia:



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