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Sustainable Harvesting of Sandalwood Trees: Marnta Sandalwood

Coffee with Samso Episode 60 with Kado Muir, Founder of Marnta Sandalwood.

It takes a soulful journey to understand how to share and create a business that is using the land in a sustainable manner.

When you hear Kado Muir speaks about his life philosophy and the history of his family, you get a sense of calmness and fulfilment. I have known Kado since 1988 when we met on the basketball court at the University of Western Australia. Even at that age, I have always felt that he had a higher calling. Cut to 2021, and you get a sense that there is a lot of wisdom in those grey hairs.

Over time, I have seen Kado go through many experiences in different areas. In this episode of Coffee with Samso, it was great to hear about his journey and how those experiences have created and shaped Marnta Sandalwood.

The whole topic of Indigenous Australia and living in a sustainable manner in harmony with the land has intrigued me for many years. I recently spoke about this interest of mine with Mark Anderson from FISH.

We did a Rooster Talk in May 2020 called Breaking the Inter-Generational Curse where we discussed extensively about the plight of the Australian Indigenous culture.

This episode of Coffee with Samso is a great follow-up on that first chat as I thoroughly enjoyed Kado´s insightful and wise sharing. Kado shared with us some of these topics:

  • Wealth generation and sharing

  • His parents' life and the books his father wrote

  • How they lived and worked

  • How prospecting for gold gave him the deposit to his first house

  • Being the first Indigenous Australian to go to university

  • The books he has written and the creating of Marnta Sandalwood.

Links to the books that are mentioned in this episode of Coffee with Samso.

Working Together Book

APB, Dooley and Me

Ten Bush Foods


About Marnta Sandalwood

Marnta Sandalwood is an Aboriginal owned sandalwood harvesting, seeding and oil product company based in Leonora, Western Australia.

Kado and Deeva Muir set up the business to create employment and opportunities for their children and other Aboriginal people in the northern Goldfields region.

The business is committed to the sustainable harvesting and management of Sandalwood trees in the wild:

  • We only harvest dead sandalwood trees in the wild. We plant seeds to promote new growth and sustain the species.

  • We create oils for luxury skincare and fragrance from dead sandalwood trees and sandalwood nut oil harvested from sandalwood trees grown on Western Australian plantations.

  • We are committed to a sustainable future for Aboriginal people, living and working on the land caring for a species of plant that has supported and sustained Aboriginal people for generations.

  • We work with others who share our ethics and vision for sustainability.

About Kado Muir

Mr Kado Muir is a Wati, a Goldfields Aboriginal cultural and community leader and an anthropologist/archaeologist with many years’ experience working in Aboriginal heritage, language preservation and maintenance, traditional ecological/education and native title research. From an early age, Kado grew up living in the bush and his passion is to “look after country, community and culture¨.

Kado is a community based cultural heritage and environmental activist. He has led campaigns against uranium mining in Western Australia and is part of that national network. He has been pushing for the mining industry to adopt responsible practices in Aboriginal heritage and to stop destroying Aboriginal sites and sacred places. Kado is a cultural leader who has preserved his Ngalia language and helped develop Australian curriculum content incorporating Aboriginal knowledge into education curriculum.

Kado operates a number of businesses including an Aboriginal art business, a sandalwood company, a culture-focussed podcast and an Aboriginal heritage consultancy business. He is an advocate promoting alternative community-based enterprises.



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