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Mining Halloysite in South Australia

Coffee with Samso Episode 31 with James Marsh, Managing Director, Andromeda Metals Limited (ASX:ADN)

This interview with James Marsh of Andromeda Metals Limited was important to me,

because I consider Andromeda to be a unique beast in the mining jungle. It’s one of

the very few companies that can confidently claim to be close to mining, despite

using processes I’ve always considered simple.

My opinion’s based on experience of working in the corporate mining sector over the

past 15 years and becoming frustrated with the mentality of companies who mine

deposits without feasibility studies or proper drill-out phases.

They do this to satisfy investors by getting rewards as quickly as possible, but in all

cases I know it’s ended in tears.

In Andromeda’s case the timeframe is similar, though not as complicated as a typical

mineral project. There’s an element of just digging up and sending it on the back of a

truck – proper due diligence is there, but it really is almost that simple.

James Marsh was able to shed light on Andromeda’s process and detail the

company’s activities in the coming months.

Highlights include:

  • We’re switching from dry to wet process, which can give a massive boost to numbers

  • The whole world is a potential market for us, we have interest from Europe, Asia and the Middle East

  • We meet with the government regularly and they’re very happy with what we’re doing

  • We have a government-funded project to research Halloysite use in high pressurised storage systems for hydrogen transport, a potentially huge market




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