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Get deep insights into the mind of Warriedar Resources Limited (ASX: WA8)

Client Testimonial from Amanda Buckingham, Managing Director and CEO of Warriedar Resources Limited (ASX: WA8).

Beyond a good strong brew, Coffee with Samso is a natural environment for experts and those passionate in the mineral exploration industry to come together to share exciting thoughts.

Client testimonial on Coffee With Samso from Amanda Buckingham, Managing Director and CEO of Warriedar Resources Limited (ASX: WA8).| Samso

Amanda Buckingham: "Coffee with Samso is a thoroughly enjoyable experience and gives you (the CEO/MD) the opportunity to discuss your project in a relaxed and open environment, with someone who understands exploration and can pivot the conversation appropriately. I believe this encourages a more genuine dialogue and gives the shareholder or potential investor a deeper insight into the thought processes of the company leader. I also enjoy a good cup of coffee."

Having a Coffee with Samso is certainly a wonderful way to start your morning. Guests who have come over for a conversation with Noel or Tony have enjoyed the experience, and we have had returning guests as well, which is a great way to see the development of the story of a company. We know our coffee conversations have inspired investors to do what Noel always recommends - Do Your Own Research (DYOR). And that is made possible because of the compelling conversations that have piqued their interests.


About Amanda Buckingham

Managing Director

Dr Buckingham is a geophysicist who has been involved in mineral exploration for over 25 years. She co-founded Fathom Geophysics in late 2007, an award winning and industry leading geophysical consulting group based in USA and Australia that has developed the world's best technology for targeting under cover.

Dr Buckingham has extensive exploration experience globally. Her early career involved work as a geoscientist and project manager at majors such as Rio Tinto; as well as listed juniors in both Canada and Australia and several years consulting at SRK.

Dr Buckingham co-founded Cygnus Gold Limited [ASX: CY5] and Desert Minerals Limited [ASX: DM1]. She is currently a director of several private companies, and a research fellow at the University of Western Australia.

About Warriedar Resources Limited (ASX: WA8)

Warriedar Resources Limited (ASX: WA8) is an advanced gold and copper exploration business with an existing resource base of approximately 2 Moz gold across Western Australia and Nevada, and a robust pipeline of high-calibre drill targets. Our focus is on rapidly building our resource inventory though modern, innovative exploration. We are well funded for our planned aggressive drilling programs through 2023.

Golden Range and Fields Find Projects

Our Golden Range and Fields Find Projects in Western Australia sit in the middle of the highly active Murchison exploration and mining province, which hosts substantial deposits of both gold and base metals.

Projects of Warriedar | Samso

The world-class Golden Grove VMS camp sits just 3 km from our tenure boundary, with the host sequence for that cluster of deposits extending south onto our ground.

We believe that the opportunity presented by applying modern geophysical and exploration techniques to our tenure is enormous.

We are set to drill over 40,000 metres at Golden Range and Fields Find during 2023, targeting discovery of both gold and base metals mineralisation.


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