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Exploring in the Land of the Long White Cloud - White Cliff Minerals Limited (ASX:WCN)

Coffee with Samso Episode 78 with Ed Mead, Technical Director of White Cliff Minerals Limited (ASX:WCN)

Investing in what you understand

The junior explorers are feeling a bit lukewarm at the moment but don't let that fool you. As I have mentioned in most of the Coffee with Samso in the last 12 months, I have said that for many decades, the enthusiasm is unseen so tread the market with caution.

Corporate finance associates in the mining sector are telling me that business is hectic and they are sup-busy. Transactions are happening and they had only a one-week break when the gold price turned. Now, they are back in business.

As Rick Rule, in Coffee With Samso Episode 70, points out that most astute investors are saying they are smart but rather they have seen a lot. They will tell you that quality and a complete understanding of the business are critical. I am in this camp and this "lull" in the market can be seen as profit-taking or the market finding equilibrium.

Whatever the reason for the pullback, my "two cents worth" is that the next six months will be turbulent but if you have a two to three year view, you will be happy. Most importantly, one has to understand the business of your investment.

(27:28 Investing in What You Understand - Understand Real Value)

White Cliff Minerals Limited (ASX:WCN) is now positioning to explore in New Zealand.

White Cliff Minerals announcing the acquisition of the New Zealand projects is an interesting strategy. We all know that the world is now looking at the bright lights at the end of the tunnel. Investors know that it is only a matter of time when things will start to boil again.

What I like about the projects is that they are in New Zealand and things will get better. New Zealand is not the super "Green" state that frowns upon all mining. In fact, it is the opposite. They have regulations like every other mining jurisdiction and they have different ways to deal with keeping the environment.

The geology is good and having worked in New Zealand before, I know that the mineral prospectivity is very high. There has not been the intense exploration like in Australia and there has never been as good a time as now to source funding. There are no sovereign risk issue and there are abundant expertise in country. Hence, what is there not to like?

In this episode of Coffee with Samso, Ed Mead tells us about the projects and how they fit within the present company portfolio. Ed shares with us the reasoning behind those projects and his thoughts on the prospects in the market.


About Edward Mead

Technical Director

White Cliff Minerals Limited

Mr. Edward (Ed) Mead is a geologist with over 20 years of experience in gold and base metals exploration, mine development and mine production. Ed has also worked in the oil and gas industry on offshore drilling platforms. Other commodities that he has significant experience with and can be considered to be a competent person in are iron ore, magnetite, coal, manganese, lithium, potash and uranium.

Geological areas in Western Australia that he has worked in include: the West Pilbara for base metals and gold; the East Pilbara for manganese and gold; the Yilgarn for gold; the Kimberley for base metals, gold and uranium; and the Murchison for base metals, uranium and gold.

He has a BSc in geology from Canterbury University in New Zealand and is a member of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

About White Cliff Minerals Limited

White Cliff Minerals Limited is a mineral exploration company trading on the Australian Securities Exchange under the ticker code WCN. The Company is currently focusing its exploration on the Reedy South Gold Project near the Cue mining centre in Western Australia, and is pursuing a dual strategy to advance its prospective gold and nickel-cobalt projects in Western Australia.



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