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Emu NL (ASX: EMU) - Strategic Exploration Projects & an Underrated Story.

Coffee with Samso Episode 128 is with Doug Grewar, CEO of Emu NL (ASX:EMU).

The Emu NL story is an example of a very early stage but highly prospective project.

This story has been and is still flying under the DYOR radar screen of many investors.

Investors are always looking for that undervalued company, and if the management for Emu NL is true to their intentions, this could be the one.

When I looked at their projects, it reminded me of my first Coffee with Samso with Venture Minerals Limited. The similarities are that both companies are diversified mineral explorers with projects that have true prospectivity.

Mineral Exploration is all about having two key components:

1) A good technical story

2) A management that is in tune with the story of discovery.

Emu seems to have been flying under the radar screen and this may be a good time for interested punters to do some serious DYOR.

Doug brings us great insights into the projects within Emu NL. As this is at the high end of risks in a mineral explorer, I think this is worth a look. The projects are in new frontier land and it will not take a lot to give it value. The old game of high risks, high returns.

Get ready to take notes here and make some exciting discoveries about a relatively unknown and undervalued mineral explorer.


00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

01:11 The history of Emu NL.

02:57 The Badja story, gold, tungsten and base-metals.

06:31 Tungsten and what it may mean for Emu.

08:25 More refined Geophysics in the future?

09:38 Sunfire and the Julimar-style potential.

12:54 The Sunfire potential confirms Emu's excitement.

14:15 The plate margin story.

15:21 Viper and its potential.

17:04 Graceland Project - Wheatbelt story.

20:27 8 Mile Dam Project - Nickel Sulphide Story.

22:11 How are the money people taking the Emu Story?

23:58 Market sentiment and Cash position for Emu.

25:38 The long game of mineral exploration is the only game in town.

25:50 Going back to the Badja project - the Base Metal potential.

27:50 Tungsten grades are worth noting.

28:57 News flow in the next 12 months.

30:01 Review of the projects.

31:40 Conclusions


About Doug Grewar


Doug is a highly experienced ASX listed company Managing Director and CEO in mining services and civil construction. A successful strategic business leader with broad resources industry background, Doug is also a Senior Executive in mining, mining services, civil and construction materials sector.

He is responsible for both open cut and underground mining projects throughout the Australia Pacific Region in coal, iron ore, gold, base metals, precious minerals. He has executive management experience in civil construction and construction materials, concrete and quarry industries.

As Managing Director CEO, his experience is in both mining services and mining business with exposure to mineral exploration, extraction, beneficiation and marketing.

Doug is a passionate advocate of the mining and mining services sectors. He has achieved success through the development and leadership of teams and the efficient use of capital and assets in operations.

During the the past 4 years he has fulfilled a number of senior roles including Managing Director CEO, General Manager, Registered Mine Manager and Project Director in operations improvement, mine cost reduction, business restructure and recovery.

About Emu NL (ASX: EMU)

Emu NL (ASX: EMU) is a highly active Australian resource exploration company focused on new discoveries which have the potential to add significant value to investors and shareholders.

In September 2020, following an extensive project generation phase and due diligence, EMU acquired “Gnows Nest”, a near production gold project which includes the historic high grade Gnows Nest Gold Mine, near Yalgoo in the Murchison Region of Western Australia. The project is situated 27 kms north west of the Scuttles Golden Grove mine, a base metals and gold project that has been operating for 30 years.

Emu also acquired 3 exploration projects in Southwest Western Australia. The package of projects which include Sunfire, Viper and Graceland have a strong history of lead up exploration or historical mine workings and are highly prospective for Copper, Nickel, PGEs and Gold.



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