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Diamond Exploration - Webb Diamond Project, Australia

Coffee with Samso Episode 30 with Thomas Reddicliffe, GeoCrystal Limited

In this episode I talk to diamond industry veteran Thomas Reddicliffe of GeoCrystal

Limited, who currently works on the Webb Diamond Project.

I was keen to interview Thomas because diamonds and diamond exploration have

been missing from geological conversations for many years, although in that time

there have been many good diamond discoveries.

In fact, I have to go back as far as the mid-1990s to recall when diamond exploration

was openly discussed.

The current investment environment seems to be good for diamonds and Thomas

was the ideal industry insider to ask about this.

Webb Diamond Project is one of the most exciting diamond explorations of recent

times, giving enough vectors to a potential source of diamond-bearing Kimberlites.

However, although drilling has confirmed the presence of Kimberlites, the prize of

these diamond-bearing Kimberlites is still elusive.

Thomas didn’t disappoint in his information-filled conversation, with great insights

into the ins and outs of diamond exploration.

Key points of his interview include:

  • A northern section of the Webb field contains “a tantalising spread” of microdiamonds, the best indicator of diamonds

  • GeoCrystal has invested more than AUS$4 million so far in the project and would benefit from additional investment

  • Many targets remain to be tested in the Webb field, which has ideal geology and mineral chemistry for diamonds, and optimism is high for discovery

In fact, Thomas gave me so much information it was difficult to edit it all – so this is a

longer-than-usual interview.

I hope you find it an interesting object lesson in diamond exploration and its

investment potential.




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