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Rooster Talk Episode 1

The first episode of Rooster Talk is all about the Ta Khao Nickel project in Vietnam. We

speak to Scott Williamson about the current state of affairs and how the company is dealing with the current situation facing the industry. It is a short conversation but this is a great way of keeping the news flow circulating.

Rooster Talk is a new product that Samso and Samso Media are adding to the different tools for Investor engagement. In a time like the current COVID 19 pandemic, life in the business world needs to be supported. The idea behind this is to keep supporting the mineral industry and keep the flow of information out in the general public. Everyone is doing it tough. A short chat to industry leaders about what they are doing and what their story is about. Let’s support each other and get to that light at the end of the tunnel ASAP.

This is not another way to make money, this is all complimentary for the industry.  Hoping to get support and keep news flow happening.



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