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Coffee With Samso Episode 4 with Thomas Redicliffe

The latest episode of Coffee with Samso is a conversation that I have wanted to do for a long time.  Thomas Redicliffe is someone who has a wealth of knowledge in this sector. Tom is still working in the industry and seems to be the only diamond geologist in town 🙂.  In this episode, Samso talks to Tom about all facets of the industry.

We focused on the following topics,

  1. What are the diamond exploration and mining sectors like these days?

  2. You were involved in the discovery of two of the best if not the world’s most significant mines in Argyle and Ellendale, can you share with us the journey and any noteworthy events?

  3. You mentioned to me before about how each mine has a characteristic that keeps them afloat, can you share with us some examples?

  4. What are your thoughts on the exploration industry now? Where would you go to start?

  5. Do you think that there will be another Argyle in Australia? Or in the world?

Hope readers enjoy the conversation.



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