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  • How are Sustainable Investments and ESG relevant to Australian Indigenous People?

    Coffee with Samso Episode 91 is with Kado Muir, Ngalia Cultural leader and Chairman of the National Native Title Council. In mining, there is now a permanent requirement to be responsible in company actions i.e. to be responsible environmentally and socially. Historically, mining projects have always made the effort to be environmentally friendly or at least to minimise their impact on the ground, water and air. Now, the movement is to incorporate the Social and Governance aspects. Governance has always been left in the background and many projects have turned a blind eye to governance issues in the name of business. Now with the emergence of ESG, all these issues are now required to be addressed. I have been wanting to speak to Kado to get his perspective on current issues such as Juukan. I wanted to understand its significance and how Standard Operating Procedures can get it so wrong in a system as robust as Rio Tinto's strict rules. For me, Kado is one of the new generation of elders in the Australian First Nation community who are carrying on the tradition of the people. When I spoke to Kado, I felt that he is trying to bridge the divide that has been lingering for decades. The establishment of Mabo was a step forward and I feel that it is only one step of many that is required. This is the second time Kado and I have had a Coffee With Samso. The first was Sustainable Harvesting of Sandalwood Trees: Marnta Sandalwood - but I think we never did the main issues real justice in terms of engaging more deeply in them. What we did was to bring out the history and passion of Kado's thoughts and aspiration. The development of the Sandalwood business with the idea of making it sustainable socially and environmentally complements this current episode. Chapters: 00:00 - Introduction 20:27 - The ESG Issue 30:00 - The Social Issue in ESG 33:03 - Commercial Needs vs. Social Compliance 40:03 - Why ESG is good for the Mineral Industry 42:28 - Discussion is Good 43:35 - Misunderstanding of First Nation Compliance 45:48 - Conclusion PODCAST About Kado Muir Ngalia Cultural leader and Chairman of the National Native Title Council Mr Kado Muir is a Wati, a Goldfields Aboriginal cultural and community leader and an anthropologist/archaeologist with many years’ experience working in Aboriginal heritage, language preservation and maintenance, traditional ecological/education and native title research. From an early age, Kado grew up living in the bush and his passion is to “look after country, community and culture". Kado is a community based cultural heritage and environmental activist. He has led campaigns against uranium mining in Western Australia and is part of that national network. He has been pushing for the mining industry to adopt responsible practices in Aboriginal heritage and to stop destroying Aboriginal sites and sacred places. Kado is a cultural leader who has preserved his Ngalia language and helped develop Australian curriculum content incorporating Aboriginal knowledge into education curriculum. Kado operates a number of businesses including an Aboriginal art business, a sandalwood company, a culture-focussed podcast and an Aboriginal heritage consultancy business. He is an advocate promoting alternative community-based enterprises. Disclaimer The information contained on this website is the writer’s personal opinion and is provided to you for information only and is not intended to or nor will it create/induce the creation of any binding legal relations. Read full Disclaimer. If you find this article informative and useful, please help me share the information.  I try and write about topics that are interesting and have the potential to be of investment value.  It is not easy to find stories that fit those parameters. If you or your organisation see the benefit of what Samso is trying to achieve and have a need to share your journey, please contact me on About Samso

  • Sprintex Limited on green and efficient engineering

    Coffee with Samso Episode 92 with Jay Upton, Managing Director of Sprintex Limited (ASX: SIX) on renewable and clean energy technologies This episode of Coffee with Samso is one that comes from a very different angle. Sprintex is associated with the most energy consuming and one of the least carbon saving industry. Most readers would agree that motor racing and the need to create speed in vehicles is one such industry. Sprintex as a Green Engineering company designs and manufactures clean air compressors, is moving towards newer renewable and clean energy technologies for automotive and other industries. And this is exactly what makes this story so fascinating - the engineering is actually very green. The application can be easily pivoted into the green space. Hydrogen vehicles (which I am very interested to learn more about) is the space that will benefit substantially as the Sprintex product will give it the added boost in power without creating more carbon. Jay Upton, the Managing Director of Sprintex Limited (ASX: SIX) shares with us the company's history and its unique position in the EV Revolution that awaits investors of the company. Jay also talks about the other industries that will take advantage of the technology and the size of markets that awaits them as the world moves towards low carbon emitting businesses. Chapters: 00:00 - Introduction 00:52 - Jay Upton discusses the Sprintex product. 02:17 - The Clean Air Compressor Story 07:15 - The Story of Sprintex 09:51 - How does the Sprintex product work? 15:27 - Is Sprintex also in Waste Water Management? 22:32 - How does Sprintex keep the edge? 28:50 - Where are the opportunities for Sprintex? 30:37 - The beginnings of the Sprintex Industry 35:36 - Conclusion PODCAST About Jay Upton Managing Director Jay (Jude) Upton has a broad range of business managerial and technical engineering experience gained over a 20-year period working in the international automotive industry where he has amassed a network of international industry contacts. Prior to this, Jay gained a further 20 years’ experience in engineering management in the heavy mobile equipment sector and in both industrial and automotive high-performance engine engineering. Jay was the Chief Technology Officer of the Company from 2011-2016 and he was the Technical Consultant in 2019. During this period, Jay was responsible for all technical development within the Company and is recognised as the inventor on two international supercharger patents assigned to the Company. In addition, during this period, he performed technical presentations to, and commercial negotiations with, vehicle manufacturers in ASEAN, China, Japan, USA, Europe and Australia. He also worked with the Managing Director on business strategies, corporate presentations and capital raisings. From 2012 to 2017, Jay was employed at Proreka Sprintex (a 50% owned subsidiary of the Company) and was instrumental in both the selection of the location for Sprintex's offshore manufacturing and the establishment of Proreka Sprintex. Working closely with the CEO of AutoV (the Company’s Joint Venture partner and the other shareholder of Proreka Sprintex), Jay oversaw the selection and procurement of the manufacturing equipment and the building of the manufacturing facility in Malaysia. As Director of Business Development of the Company from 2007 to 2011, Jay was responsible for the establishment and setup of Sprintex USA Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company) and acted as secretary of Sprintex USA Inc. for regulatory purposes. He oversaw market development in the USA, Middle East, South Africa and China and was responsible for commercial agreements with OEMs, suppliers, distributors and dealers in multiple jurisdictions. Prior to this, from 2004-2007, Jay was the General Manager of the Company at which time he was responsible for the initial setup of the operations and for day-to-day management of all operational and technical functions. From 2000-2004, Jay was the General Manager of the Automotive Division of Advanced Engine Components Limited (now known as Ookami Limited) where he carried out the day to day management of both Sprintex and Bullet Supercars (Qld), including overseeing emissions and full vehicle compliance of a high-performance sports car for Australian production. About Sprintex Sprintex Limited (ASX:SIX) is an automotive engineering, research, product development and manufacturing company. It is is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of oil free twin screw compressors for automotive and clean-air industrial applications. With origins in the UK, Sprintex Limited was incorporated in Australia in November 2003 and listed on the ASX in July 2008 (ASX SIX). The company is headquartered and operates an R&D facility in Perth Western Australia. Sprintex designs and manufactures superchargers for use in a wide variety of combustion engines and is currently focused on the development and commercialisation of the Sprintex® twin screw supercharger, and supercharger systems incorporating the Sprintex® twin screw supercharger, in the automotive aftermarket and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market in Australia, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the United States of America. The company operates a wholly owned subsidiary in Malaysia which forms its main manufacturing base, a wholly owned subsidiary in USA, primarily servicing the automotive aftermarket and has recently added a further wholly owned subsidiary in China, primarily to explore opportunities in the clean energy sector including hydrogen fuel cells, waste water recycling and other clean air industrial applications. The China facility will engage in R&D and manufacturing for electric drive compressors and controls for various applications. Sprintex Limited is quality assured to ISO 9001-2008, its Malaysia operations are certified to ISO 9001-2015 and operate under ISO 14001 environmental standard and TS16949 automotive component standard. Disclaimer The information contained on this website is the writer’s personal opinion and is provided to you for information only and is not intended to or nor will it create/induce the creation of any binding legal relations. Read full Disclaimer. If you find this article informative and useful, please help me share the information.  I try and write about topics that are interesting and have the potential to be of investment value.  It is not easy to find stories that fit those parameters. If you or your organisation see the benefit of what Samso is trying to achieve and have a need to share your journey, please contact me on About Samso Samso partners with Brilliant-Online where our investment stories are featured. The Brilliant-Online partnership is an opportunity to reach new and wider audiences in a fresh, appealing format to pique and retain investor interest. Read Brilliant Investments.

  • The Age of Decentralisation Finance - Could VCEX be the next ZipPay?

    Coffee with Samso Episode 89 with David Pillinger, Managing Director of VCEX is all about the evolving Fintech Technology. VCEX or Venture Capital Exchange has recently taken a giant step towards giving shareholders the value that they have been anticipating. They were the winners of the Australian section of the ADGM Fintech Awards for 2021. This is a great accolade as the company strives forward to create a market place for unlisted ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission) regulated companies. The space of Venture Capital within the private space has always been well populated. For a large population of the investing community, this space of private venture has reaped enormous returns, but it is something that has never been structured. VCEX brings this to a head with a platform that allows ventures in the private world to be regulated and efficient. The AI driven technology allows companies to be listed on the platform and act as if they were in the Australian Stock Exchange. Basically, VCEX is creating an effective decentralisation of how to do things in the capital venture space. The platform allows monitoring, marketing, brokerage, financing, banking, compliance, regulation and administration of the private venture sector to be completed in one place. The most important thing is that it takes out all the inefficient parts of the process. David shares with us the value proposition and how the ABGM award has propelled VCEX to the world stage. Offers are coming in from everywhere and they are very much a wanted product. Worldwide. Investors can find out more and create a freemium log in by following the link VCEX:VEX where you can gain access to the VCEX share offer and create an investor profile, review the Information Memorandum and presentations and invest in off-market offerings on VCEX. PODCAST About David Pillinger Managing Director David Pillinger has been a Company Director from the very early age of 21 since 1989 with 5 surf store franchises as his first endeavour. Self-funded and grown from hard graft, he is familiar with all aspects of a vertically integrated business structure. After a decade of surf industry retail and manufacturing knowledge, David turned his hand to his other passion in life - property development and sales. This created Property Gallery and it has grown year on year since its creation in 2001 and is now managing well over 3,000 properties from WAs North West to Perth’s Southern corridor . This has not stopped David from combining his passion of surfing and property by designing and building a Boutique Resort Hotel called The Dipan in Seminyak, Bali which he also still maintains significant equity today. The process of developing and creating income has always required a large amount of software and online marketing. Pillinger realised this as a core attribute to how his staff was evolving in all 3 industries - Retail, Construction / Manufacturing and Management . ¨There is a point in time where you step back and review which direction you are going and answer the questions of why am I going in this direction and what direction is the world going in.¨ The answer was Automation, and with a lot of self-service due to compliance and risk, it is safer to provide a self-service function for all people in most industries. In 2018, Safesoft Pty Ltd was born. It was a new business to take all of the knowledge Pillinger had gathered as an entrepreneur to create a way of making business function better from creation through to ongoing management. VCEX (Venture Capital Exchange) is the first release of many software solutions that utilise the Safesoft LTD core code and single source management logic.The VCEX Market Place manages and qualifies investors - AFSL Brokers and existing shareholders access through the one cloud-based single source registry exchange. The clue to the future in the dialogue above is simple and common amongst all people who strive to have financial independence. Safesoft has a product called Safekey which provides access to all of your investments in one place, securely managing your shares in companies and property management requirements. David Pillinger is currently 52 years old at the time of publishing this article and interview, Safesoft LTD is 3 years old and for a software company that may be young, but as David puts it, for an adult it is about the right age to embark on a software solution that encompasses such a diverse solution and ability. Most people struggle to put time into their investments and this product will really connect investors with their assets and advisors and ultimately companies, that they too can invest in from simple direct investments to interest bearing convertible notes. Safesoft opens up the possibilities of connecting people in a more efficient way in a totally integrated process that is far more efficient than what is currently available . About VCEX Venture Capital Exchange is now available for companies and AFSL CAR + AR promoters to raise capital and manage shareholders communications, ASIC updates and banking in one end to end ecosystem. Their Patent Pending Software has been under review and patent approval process for 2 years with ASIC approval now available for investors of VCEX Pty Ltd shares to sell in low volume under ASIC exemption granted 30th March 2020 . If you are interested in raising capital and low volume trading your shares in any unlisted company go to and try now for free. They welcome AFSL + CAR promoters to operate compliantly on with free access to companies signing up to VCEX LVM trading and capital raising ecosystems. Welcome to the future. Disclaimer The information contained on this website is the writer’s personal opinion and is provided to you for information only and is not intended to or nor will it create/induce the creation of any binding legal relations. Read full Disclaimer. If you find this article informative and useful, please help me share the information.  I try and write about topics that are interesting and have the potential to be of investment value.  It is not easy to find stories that fit those parameters. If you or your organisation see the benefit of what Samso is trying to achieve and have a need to share your journey, please contact me on About Samso

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  • About | Noel Ong | Samso Australia | ASX Stories for Investors

    Helping companies pique investor interest Samso tells compelling stories by engaging business leaders to reveal insights beneficial to the investment community. All interviews (217) 217 posts Coffee with Samso (95) 95 posts Rooster Talk (41) 41 posts Insights (80) 80 posts Metals & Mining (160) 160 posts Media & Technology (13) 13 posts Healthcare (12) 12 posts Renewable Energy (3) 3 posts Industrial & Business (21) 21 posts Financial Services (12) 12 posts News (1) 1 post About Samso Samso is a renowned resource among the investment community for keen market analysis and insights into the companies and business trends that matter. ​ We have a track record of developing successful business concepts in the Australasia region, and provide bespoke research and counsel to businesses seeking to raise capital and procuring projects for ASX listings. ​ Samso brings to Clients a number of Content Channels that are all about telling compelling ASX stories. Investors seek out Samso for knowledgeable evaluations of current industry developments across a variety of business sectors, and considered forecasts of future performances, so clients' dialogues can provide investors with clear answers to questions they may not have the opportunity to ask and lay out the big picture to help them complete their investment research. Clients' dialogues are delivered through these Samso channels. ​ Coffee with Samso , our core product, is a compelling format of relaxed online video dialogue to allow thought leaders to share their company’s story and have an in-depth discussion on the company and their strategies. Rooster Talk is supplementary content that enables more condensed, bite-sized conversations with industry experts about market insights, trends and learnings that benefit businesses across all sectors on the ASX. Samso Insights provide a clear and concise analysis on the commodities landscape and subsequent market movements and trends that can impact ASX-listed companies. ESG Boom Podcast specially focuses on a critical theme of sustainable investment strategies - Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). Content Distribution. ​ Collaborative partnerships are important at Samso to widen clients’ business presence and deepen brand value. Samso’s interviews are posted on their website, podcast and YouTube channels and via other relevant online environments where they can be shared among investment communities. These client ASX stories are further distributed via Samso's partners Proactive Investors , Brilliant-Online and Triple M Mining HQ bringing in a new point of interest to the subscribers of other channels. ​ About Noel Ong, CEO, Samso. Industry veteran Noel Ong is a geologist with nearly 30 years of industry experience and a strong background in capital markets, corporate finance and the mineral resource sector. Based in Perth, Western Australia, he was the founder and managing director of ASX publicly-listed company Siburan Resources Limited from 2009-2017 and has also been involved in several other ASX listings, providing advice, procuring projects and helping to raise capital. He brings all this experience and expertise to the Samso interviews such as Coffee with Samso and Rooster Talk, where his engaging conversation style with business figures gives revealing insights into Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) companies, related concepts and industry trends that can pique investor interest. Noel Ong travels across Australia to record the interviews, only requiring a casual environment where they can be set up. ​ Enquiries about appearing on Coffee with Samso and Rooster Talk can be made by contacting Noel Ong at Contact Download our brochure - Christian Easterday, Managing Director, Hot Chili Limited (ASX: HCH) ​ “I very much enjoyed my coffee with Samso interview, a refreshing approach to providing a “Coffee style” informal discussion. Noel brings an insiders understanding to providing an interesting and deeper discussion around both the Company and market backdrop for topics discussed. The relaxed format provides investors access to insights not usually available."

  • Samso Australia | Investor Interviews And Briefings

    Samso piques investor interest. We create compelling stories and content giving real insights from business leaders of ASX companies and private businesses that matter to the investment community. Free Subscriptions Coffee With Samso Rooster Talks Samso Insights Sprintex Limited on green and efficient engineering The Age of Decentralisation Finance - Could VCEX be the next ZipPay? Is Mining Zinnwaldite an Overlooked Lithium Source? Australia's Next Copper Mine - Nifty Copper Mine The Search for Julimar Begins with Venture Minerals Limited The Mystical Journey of the Commodity Price - Will it Continue? Free eBook Investing in the Future About Samso Australia Samso's digital investor relations services enable companies across a variety of business sectors build valuable engagements with investment communities through its series of compelling online interviews and insights. ​ Check out interviews with these industry leaders. Industry 01 Metals & Mining Industry 02 Media & Technology Industry 03 Healthcare Industry 04 Renewable Energy Industry 05 Industrial & Business Services Industry 06 Financial Services 87 Coffee with Samso 42 Rooster Talks 81 Insights 100% Business Confidence

  • Mining HQ Podcast | Noel Ong | Samso Australia | ASX Stories for Investors

    Listen Now Mining HQ Podcasts Noel Ong of Samso and Chris LeMesurier of 1055 TripleM speak fortnightly on Mining HQ about Mineral Exploration, Commodities and Mineral Resources. These view points may help investors make good investment decisions and allow Samso clients to engage with a broader audience. Samso-Mining HQ Ep. 3 - 28:33 ​ Noel says market is slow and that is a good thing because money is out there, so look at the substance and not the hype, so you do not get burnt due to FOMO. Projects take time to develop, so go for long term results. Fast Forward to Samso at 28:33 Samso-Mining HQ Ep. 2 - 28:51 Noel advises investors to look at other metals that will help the EV Revolution like Nickel, Copper, Molybdenum, Tin, Tungsten and Uranium Fast Forward to Samso at 28:51 Samso-Mining HQ Ep. 1 - 0:44 Samso debuts this podcast with Mining HQ by introducing what Samso does. Noel also reveals his favourite stocks. GAL – Good Exploration project, nickel RIE – Good project in the US. High grade gold in Arizona HCH – Big copper play in Chile BSX – A more producer style company in nickel, downstram and in Vietnam CYN – Copper play in Australia. Looking to produce copper in 2022. Fast Forward to Samso at 0:44 ESG Boom Podcasts Topics on Environment . Social . Governance Coming soon Share Share Share

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