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The Business of Uranium

Coffee with Samso Episode 10 with Mike Young

In this episode of Coffee with Samso, I was delighted to have a conversation with Mike Young about the Uranium business.  I believe that this is going to be the future of clean and efficient energy.  Unfortunately, this is such a topical subject that the mention of the word “uranium” strikes abundant negative connotations to the general public.  Two major disasters in this nuclear sector have created a universal fear of the most efficient and cleanest energy source.

There is no argument that there is risk involved in having nuclear energy.  However, there are risks involved in everything. There are countless disasters that have left a long term footprint on this planet that is not related to nuclear. However, that has not stopped continued activity within those sectors.  With the increasing momentum in the renewable energy sector, one should look at nuclear energy to reduce our energy costs.

In this conversation, Mike Young gives Samso a great insight into what is little know about the uranium industry and what is happening around the world.



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