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Has the Dust settled for the Tourism Industry?

Rooster Talk Episode 19 with Andy Jiang, Consultant, Tourism and International Trade

Andy Jiang returns to Rooster Talk and picks up what we discussed a month ago. Has the Dust settled for the Tourism Industry and what is happening with the China – Australia trade war.

Andy Jiang and I crossed paths nearly 10 years ago when he was the Director of Corporate Finance for Deloitte in Perth, Western Australia.  After his time with Deloitte, he moved on to Tourism Australia where he held the position of Head of Asia Development and General Manager, China.

Since then, he has moved on to having his own business and practising his craft in the same sector.

Andy is a Shanghai native who grew up in Texas. I am fluent in Mandarin and actively trade in the financial derivatives market.

Rooster Talk is about engaging industry participants and allowing them to share their knowledge. I sought Andy out to participate in Rooster Talk because of his time in the frontline of the Tourism sector. China is Australia’s biggest business partner and to be in charge of this sector requires a person with a well-balanced mind. Andy speaks in a thoughtful manner and you can hear the measured words he uses in the chat.

The take away from this Rooster Talk is that the Tourism Industry is in for a hard recovery but it is not all bad news. Nothing will replace the income from International tourism but innovation and resilient thinking will create new opportunities.

I hope you find this Rooster Talk as invigorating as I did because what was shared is a wholesome street understanding in China international trade.

For further information, contact me on or seek Andy Jiang out from his Linkedln profile.




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