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Graphite, more than an EV story

Coffee with Samso Episode 16 with Peter Canterbury, Triton Minerals Limited (ASX: TON)

Graphite is a commodity that is well known but I feel the investing market does not really understand the business and its commercial use as a commodity.  While I was at the 2019 Diggers and Dealers Conference in Kalgoorlie, I spoke to a couple of people about the commercial part of graphite.  As most investors only need to know that it’s a hot commodity and if your company has it, that is good, few people really know why.

In this episode of Coffee with Samso, we speak to Peter Canterbury from Triton Minerals Limited (ASX: TON).  Triton has a graphite project in northern Mozambique.  The company has recently made an announcement that it has received funding from Qingdao Jinhui Graphite Co. Ltd.  Jinhui is one of China’s largest graphite companies with extensive mining, process and sales experience.  The Company produces natural flake graphites, expandable graphites, natural flake graphites, and other products.

Who is Qingdao Jinhui Graphite Co. Ltd?

(Source:  Triton Minerals)

Founded in 1999, Jinhui is a privately-owned Shandong based graphite company and one of China’s biggest graphite producers with more than 600 employees. The company produces approximately 60,000mtpa of high purity and value-added graphite products that are distributed to more than 200 enterprises throughout China and exported to more than 10 countries and regions including Japan, the United States, South Korea, Europe and South-East Asia.




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